March 19, 2010

Their story

Posting after a long time, this one is co written by a friend. :) hope you enjoy

The girl’s story

Indeed it was a long night. She was so tired, waited long to sleep, but her mind was wobbly and thoughts were whacking piercingly through her head.

She was worried about her life, about her doings, if she will be punished by GOD, or if GOD will understand that she has a relationship with a name and one which doesn’t have a name. Anyway it doesn’t matter since she has to leave both and accept a completely new being. She is worried about the future, and things happening in the present are also disturbing at the same time. She doesn’t wanna run away and wants to stay with whatever is happening, but realizing that her dream is gonna get over soon, she gets jittery and wants to run away. She knows she has to hurt two lives, she doesn’t like to hurt people. Her heart sinks if she thinks of hurting anyone. But there is no escape this time and she has to take a step. A relationship should have a name, but it exists without a name also. No one understands it, but still it exists, to end of course. These were the thoughts thumping her inner self and making her cry inside and outside.

She was missing her mom, since during her childhood when she used to cry at night, her mom used to hug her and tell her not to cry at night, [crying at night, calls the devil (nightmare), in your sleep]. The more she was crying the more she was missing her mom and her childhood spent with her mom. She wanted her mom to help her escape from everything that is disturbing her. Wish she could seek help from her mom for that night also. Wish she could get a hug from her mom that night also.

She still doesn’t wanna lose the nameless connection, but how will she make sure that he won’t lose his heart when she leaves eternally. She wants to see him contented without her before she actually leaves. The girl is aware of how difficult it is going to be, but she wants to ensure since she has seen him suffering already a lot of times due to other reasons.

The boy has a name, but it’s not evident.

The boy’s story

It was a long night. He was very anxious, worried and sad. He did not know what to think. The girl knew he didn’t want her to go visit her boyfriend. But that sounded so weird. Who was he to meddle in their affairs. He also knew that this time would come, and so he had told a small story to her, and mentioned the perfect circle and things coming to an end. She did not understand then, but she did now. He liked being with her and he liked gazing into her eyes. Most of all he felt at home with her. The feeling he had been missing from a long time. Now, she was feeling guilty about cheating her boyfriend, and she was in pain. He was in pain too, because she was crying and he could not make things right. Because when she misses her Mom at the back of the mind he misses his mom too. He tried to hold and console her. That night he did not sleep. He kept a hand on her head hoping that this connection would somehow put her to sleep, that his touch would mean something to her, because he feared what would happen in the morning. He also felt a bit left out, because his link to her did not have a name. He also felt bad for giving so much hurt to this lovely girl, he also felt bad because suddenly he did not have a name. Who was he and what was he doing there lying down beside her. He let out some tears very carefully, lest the girl wake up. He never cried much, but sometimes it’s better to put some weight down. Then he remembered the good times they shared, the walks and her park bench, the kisses and the hugs. He wished he could hold on to these memories, but he had no name. The night was very hot, sweaty was he but he tried hard to think things straight. The locket around his neck, he had told her he would give that when they parted. He tore it away from his neck and quietly slipped it into her bag. He feared she would never come back, he feared this a lot, and even if he would call her, how would she see him, the man without a name.

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