March 3, 2010


Hello Lounge Family,

Well, there are a couple of pending stuff left to be announced. The MoM for Dec/Jan, The Snow Filled Contest Result are yet to be revealed here. And with this post I take the opportunity to do so.

Well, from now on, the Member of the Month for one month will be decided by votes only after the month is over. i.e Member of the Month for February 2010 will be decided now in March, taking into account the activity of February. Before I reveal the nominees for Feb, the winner for December/January is Rashmi, who got 3 votes. The runner up for the same months is Varun, who received one vote. Rashmi's name has been added to the winners list and a badge for the same will be given to her by this Sunday. Congratulations to Rashmi.

The nominees for MoM - Feb 2010 are
1. Leo
2. Tan
3. Dead Angel

Members can mail in their vote to our Admin ID - on/before 25th March 2010. 

Now, for the Snow Covered Lounge Contest result. Well, firstly, many apologies for the delay of announcing. The WL Admin Team have been a bit busy. The judge had deliberated a while for this result, and in the end, he has declared 2 stories as joint winners. Without further ado, the winners for the WL Snow Covered Lounge Contest are

1. Isha, aka The West Wind for A Battle Lost
2. Arjun, for P.S - Snow For Me Is Grey

Both got 82 marks on 100, and again, the badge for them will be sent to them/posted here at WL by Sunday. Congratulations to both of them.

The Writers Lounge Admin.


  1. Congratulations Winners!

    "Der aaye par durusth aaye"

    Keep it up :)

  2. Hearty Congrats to winners ! Cheers :)

  3. congratualtions and celebration..hopefully lounge will be back on track :)

  4. congratualtions and celebration..hopefully lounge will be back on track :)

  5. Woahh..!! I dint expect to see this after such a long time...

    Thanks so much. :)

    I would liked to have seen better participation though.. :)

    Congrats to Isha.. :)


  6. Can I know who judged the contest pls? :)


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