March 25, 2010

I Was Thinking

I was thinking...

If I knew music
I'd write you a song
Or maybe two

If I knew art
I'd draw your every pose
On pieces of paper I find everywhere

If I knew enough words
I'd write a book
And tell the world our story

If I knew how to bake
I'd make you a hundred chocolate cookies
The sweetest ones ever

If I knew magic
I'd make us fall in love

And I was thinking
If I knew how to read minds
I'd know if you're thinking the same
About me


  1. Beautiful!!
    Loved the depth of emotions that stood out in every word of this brilliant piece :)

  2. This was breezy and simple and cute and simplistic.
    Which is good.
    Esp., since i'm not a fan of half of the stuff posted on here.
    But I sorta like this.

  3. Well, I am a fan of almost everything posted here and I liked this poem too :)

    Good work...


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