March 25, 2010

And Then I'll Smile

Things don't always go as we liked them to
They're just out of control

There will be times when I'm having mood swings
Or stressed out and tired

There will be times when
I'll stay up all night
Unable to sleep

There will be times when
So much needs to be done
And I'm racing with time

There will be times when
I feel I'm stupid
When I fail math

There will be times
When smiling hurts from inside
And you'll never get what I feel

There will be times when
I'm still hanging on
But not going on

I might be forgetful most of the times
But I promise
I'd always try to remember

I'd remember
The way you smiled, laughed, slapped my back
And the wrinkles on your face
That made you look so old

I'd remember
Your silly expressions whenever you got mad at me
Or maybe you were just unsuccessfully

I'd remember
Our first fight on paper
It was a silly misunderstanding
All because you got jealous

I'd remember
Those sweet memories
And also the not so sweet ones
All of them

I'd remember
Your once in a blue moon phone calls
That always got me worked up and excited

I'd remember
Your shadow and mine
Walking alongside each other

I'd remember
You once told me
"You're one in 6.7 billion."

And then I'd smile
And life would be okay again.

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  1. Oh dats so nice !!! Though your poems are long , the sentences are short , and in the end it comes a beautiful expressions of feelings !!


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