March 1, 2010

Drag Me To Hell !!

YOU KNOW, I love the history of religion and the idea
of 'Hell' got me mind thinking!

I bet its one big party, with Kegs, Beer, Paneer Tikka,
Gudam Garam, Heavy metal and the likes and I bet
Satan is a really nice guy.

Think about it.

You Sin against "God" and denounce 'Jesus' 'Allah', 'Shankar',
'Ehsaan' 'Loy', 'Hanuman', also you do these terrible things
like raid, pillage, plunder, murder, rape and pilfer your guts
out and so you are sent to Hell !

WHY WOULD SATAN PUNISH you for doing the same thing
he’s tryin to do himself ??

He HATES God, he's at total war with that guy !!
If you end up in hell obviously have done something bad.
Satan will greet you with some beer and say "Man, you are so
cool, helping me out and shit, here's a Heineken, Cheers!"

Hell is one cool place, with pool tables, Spa's, Sauna's and also
Bars that you don't get kicked out from along with all the hot
bitches you can ever think about.
But but you cant be sent to hell until you have decimated your life.
Do deeds now, pay later kinda credit card system. * Sigh *

Where as in Heaven, you can't swear, cant have wicked thoughts,

no sex, you can't do SHIT without pissing off God and rest of the
Holy Moly’s!

Oh, you also don't get tired in hell, Ciggis never run out,
movies always release when you want them to,
porn at free will, you never sleep too but you can with
the females if you want to which is an awesome thing. :P
Operator: Press # key to buy weed *Vive la Afghanistan* \m/

Good thing I denounced religion, therefore I have sinned, and
cast myself into Eternal party mode! * Pat me on that *

Dont stop taking these drugs cuz they,
Got you flying forgetting yesterday,
Maybe its crazy but keep getting stoned while you can,
Baby in the lords hands,
You can be whatever you want when your high,
Walk slowly with a spirit by your side,
Dont fear if you lose your mind,
Say how u doing', boy i am feeling fine,
...when something carries me away..hey hey hey hey...

Shake whatya mamma gave ya

*Hysteria, Headbanging, Bottoms Up*

If God ‘DID’ exist, we would go to Heaven coz we are evil,
so that he can punish us himself and not go ahead and put us with
a party king who would recruit such retarded mammals for his own
brigade of destruction.

Better to
reign in
Hell than
serve in
Why walk on the stairway to Mr Rule Book when you can drive
down the highway to the Dark Knight ?I implore you to JOIN US!
Leave behind the confines of your manufactured religions that
blind you and deny you the malted truth. Crack open a beer,
down it, crack open another, down that one too ! Drink to your
heart's content. Let the alcohol rid you of all worries and
lead you down new paths of enlightenment.Satan does it,
so should you AND should you over do it, have faith,
Satan shall be too drunk to know who messed his yard up..DOH!
Butt in and lets have a TIME OF A DEAD TIME !!

Ps: Posers, Wankers, Delusional Retards, Druggies, Gangsta Niggas's
will be given first preference based on experience.
Anyhoo seeya at the do..

- Almighty Recruiters ( No Branches )

Next time someone disses you to "GO TO HELL", jump out
of joy and get ready to let the dogs out!
Bhooo bhooo !!

And if you are worried that by commenting on these 'con'cepts
of Mr Supreme’s jurisdictions you might just offend him,
then well...tough shit he gets offended, What can you do ? :P

PS: This mockery wont stop yours truely from staring above with
a puppy look and asking Captain Planet to pass him in Solid
Mechanics or maybe Advance Vehicle Systems..;)
Maybe the invigilator and my man work like a crew, though very
unlikely but hey life is all about taking and giving chances eh ;)

Cheers and ‘God Speed’

I ll give you black sensations up and down your spine, If you're evil you're a
friend of mine - AC / DC


  1. I think I should bless you...GO TO HELL!!!...LOL
    loved it...kind of 'down my alley' stuff

  2. umm...its lik my frnd saying..i know anywys m goin 2 hell...

    talking about sarcasm...this is the best one can write :)

    and about the thought...may be am a little god fearing :) so no comments on eh concept :) no hard feelings. :)

  3. i had to laugh...

    its so in sync with my line of thinking...loved it!

  4. Nalini@ Dont know about the afterlife hell but sure am living in heaven on mother earth :P
    Questioning Gods concepts kinda makes me feel like a true engineer :P

    Gulshan@ Glad u liked it, I am an atheist so everything happens either because of me or my parents, no external help :P

    Shraddha@ haha, the only proof for me that 'oh my lord' exists is because beer came into this world;)
    Cheers to that :)

  5. woo hooo
    loved it bro

    see you in hell soon...and bring fosters along, will ye?

    OMG ... LEGEN -wait for it- DARY!!!

  6. Nice read...couldn't sleep midways like I normally do...keep writing.


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