February 23, 2010

Why did u break ??

Still remember the morning when I first met you
It seemed to me like a special day
I shall never forget the countless hours of conversations we had
The care and the love we shared

The promises you made, the sweetness you showed
All seemed so real.

I still remember the day you walked out of my life
Leaving me in tears and agony.
My shadows the only thing which knows the pain and
The agony I have been through
You never realised my pain
You never realised my love
You never realised the deepest human suffering I have seen
When you were happy with someone else

I may not be your best man ,
But still I have my feelings

Not a moment did u think about that
Not a moment did u care for my feelings
Why you never realised you cut my heart
You never realised you hurt my heart

(P.S : Unknown poet)


  1. :'( Written nicely! so sad :(

  2. @princess U can pray 4 me,it hurts when a person live whole day n night thnkng abt the same.

  3. very touchin n sad...it oftn happens..no pain is more thn dis one..

  4. pathar k sanam
    tujhe hamne mohabbat ka khuda jaana :)

  5. @gulshan yeh its same like patthar k sanam,hope its inhuman act now,:)


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