February 22, 2010

Love you dear Words...

Words I love you for the way you make me express my feelings ,
Paving easy way to point out and comment on things .
If it was not you , how would we communicate ?
It is you , who open our mind's gate ..
Your every letter and its combination is woven perfectly
So that we convey our thoughts easily..
We are too busy to ponder on your origination ,
All that we are care is how you reslove our complication ?
Often we care a damn of your worth !
Some of your best gifts are - "I am sorry " and " I forgot "!!!
I wonder , how sometimes , you make things straight ?
And often confusing , with your double meaning trait ?!
Getting lost during strong emotions ,
When silence is left as the only option !
How often we make new discoveries with you ,
Change the course of flow and make it new !
You never bother how you present a fact -
All you care is how does it make impact ?
But inspite all if it , I love you ..
For , how could I write this poem if it wasn't you ?


  1. Wow!! Yes.. Words are precious! Superb thought~!

  2. words are what make me go on wid this cruel life...they are my escape from this world..i totally love them... :) nicely written poem


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