February 14, 2010

an ultimate

 time is not speeding anymore,
the deadly days and  noxious nights 
cant stir up my calm nomore.
my senses are sealed ,
yet the  truth is revealed,
i lay down worthless for eternity,
no vigor i see in limbs
the virtue still i have, 
i breathe immortality.
i m up i m awake
i peep through the bright,
set to cease craving thy bliss
to reach for the timeless infinite
nerves stop pumping,
the red string is broken,
the bones turning to dust
my cosmic play is done.


  1. brilliantly penned down!
    keep up the good work.
    ur someone whose work I always look forward to read on this space!!

  2. thnx guys..
    thx pulkit for buckin me up.. :D

  3. how did this post come up again?????


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