January 31, 2010

i met Him when i died

Just want to share an experience,,dunno how u guys will react,,dunno if u ll believe or not.. here i go..

I used to be an atheist, a big full time.Never believed in the word 'GOD'. Always ready to debate in the first place, always ready to prove there s nothing like any supernatural powers.Used to make fun of people when they say * 'God is one'. --But there are like uncountable Godesses, God s a player eh?
*God is everywhere - Then how can It be 'one'..anyways then it might be there in aloo(potato), then you boil God ,mash god, mix it with some other Gods (flour, salt, pepper ,oil etc..) , and eat the samosa (indirecctly god)--  Yummy God!! ahha!! 
Let it be..my list went on.. ( feel sorry for the above statements)
Just to let you people know.. I have asthma..I have had very acute asthma attacks since i dont bother to remember.The sudden frequent attacks would occur anytime anywhere, in school, school bus , home,while sleeping ,while eating.. no timing..It used to be bad though..(m much much better now). As it is said 'everything happens for reason' so proved my story..
It was around 1 am when i woke up coughing..in seconds i was running out of breath..my inhaler never works on me.. in minutes i was in hospital ..oxygen, injections,nebulizers.. no effect..more injections, more nebs more medicines..nothing worked..I couldnt lie down ,trying to hold on to single breath ..Hanging between life and death wished someone kill me or save me..struggling with air for more than an hour .. on spur of moment i was calm ..i was still, in peace like i never had experienced,,
I actually saw that white light..bright so intense yet soothing..I knew what it was.My whole life flashed before my eyes ..from  just before my birth till then..it was just perfect..
doctors said my pulse went into rest for some moments.. did i actually die?? i dunno what pulled me back..m here now.. The intersting thing is i could actually hear my mom reciting some prayers in her mind sitting outside the ICU.
Yess i believe in God..i felt him..i touched Him..i was in Him..HE IS IN ME..
p.s. i kno the reaction tat would come but plz try to control 'WTf!!' :S


  1. i guess u r one lucky chick
    me an atheist too...so am just waiting for my moment then

    and when i do meet him...oh i have lots of questions for him

  2. well...

    When i read you ...I smiled..

    the first thought came into my mind.

    "Now you know, how she feels"

    Keep Njoying.

    Keep Smiling.

  3. you are blessed i would say.... you are so lucky..... well let god be with you and provide u strength... just like he has now....

    take care and keep writing...........

  4. must have been a lovely experience ..getting to see god! waiting for my moment:)
    god bless:))

  5. He exists and always will.. When sadness fills upto the brim, he shall bring laughter, When darkness falls He will brighten it up for you, ... And all He asks for is faith and trust... !! Always keep faith in God... He can make miracles happen!! :D :D


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