January 16, 2010

Burning Dreams

I still hear thy unspoken words

Weaving memories seems futile

Who took away our moments of bliss

No where to go, loneliness creeps

Pain magnifies in intensity

The promise repeated to my self

To keep smiling to the world ahead

The eyes remain mute to my burning heart

Memories of past revived

Quivering lips remembering those words of love

They lie as a secret buried in my heart

The cause unknown and effect unseen

Partner in life and death no more

Close yet so far from reach

The gaze still follows you tonight

Eyes pinched by the broken glasses of past

The pain nowhere seen in your eyes

Sad yet happy, an emotional turmoil

I left behind your world

But still it hawks my existence,

Churning the pieces of broken heart

Stabbed with promises in past

Your unspoken words

My unheard heart beat

Your betrayal

And yet my heart dreams

Those very futile dreams.

PS: Inspired by the song Tune Jo Na Kaha...from the movie New York...

PPS: I am sorry guys....I am cming back to WL after like seems ages....Sorry Sorry really Sorry....This time promisse will be regular...luv u all...n welcoming all the new members whom i missed the chance to meet...


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