December 27, 2009

I walk ahead, Leaving you to trace

Pre-Script : The topic is not new or unheard of. In fact, it's the one debated uncountable times ending on some absurd solutions every time. The biggest failure of "man"kind have been the disrespect of it's better half. For long women have suffered, subjected and kept patience. But not anymore. Things are changing. Slowly, yet transforming. It's a tribute to the longest war ever fought. "She" is winning and you have to notice that. "I" in the poem is the soul of women speaking to the Man (you) who held her as subjected for long.

I walk among you
My head held high
Altering the age-old notion
I walk towards sky

And I walk fast
As you try to race
Yes! I am ahead
Leaving you to trace

I have learn the art
Well before you predicted
I have set myself free
Of the chains you invented

I demanded my place
And before you could reject
I tried to stand
Only to walk this perfect

I have beaten you dead
In your own game
Perhaps, u made a mistake
When you called me lame

The pain and agony
I endured on your birth
Accumulated for long
Showing its worth

You tried oppression
You practiced strength
The atrocities you carried
Lasted centuries length

The more you tortured
The stronger I have hit your face
I now walk ahead
Leaving you to trace

A gentle Reminder :

Be careful of your duty toward God in Whom ye claim (your rights) of one another, and toward the wombs (that bear you)" (Quran 4:1).


#1 I know i don't comment..and its a crime...i am guilty..but i read..i really do..think thats enough a bribe to be allowed to post :D
#2 I ll comment soon...aaj hi may be..and i ll try to be regular...
#3 Sowie :(


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  2. I am really curious Gulshan, about this transformation. Can you please help me out?

    I want to know in brief, what do You think about these:

    1) Why women allowed themselves to be held down for such a long time?

    2) What changes have women themselves brought, that have hastened this transformation, that women today are freer than before?

    Please answer me :)

  3. girl..this was absolutely know i loved this should write more

  4. I liked the backdrop...
    ...and what would I comment more? I have discussed about it in details with you, I guess!!


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