November 14, 2009

Writer's Lounge - An Honour

When I received the Email inviting me to join the Writer's Lounge upon my request, I felt a thrill which I usually get when I start writing an exciting post! Yes, for me writing has been a passion for several years though I had let it remain dormant due to other pressures of my official life. Now that I have retired from active service, it is no holds barred and is my main activity! Writing opens that secret door in oneself and exposes the cherished desires and aspirations which normally one doesn't show due to inhibitions. I have begun my journey and would like to travel many a mile with you all.


  1. May your voyage take you to all the corners of literary world. :)

  2. aww nw thats so nice of u

    welcome to the lounge!! nw u r 1 among us


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