November 5, 2009

When you left...

The built up walls,
came crashing down..
the love that held them,
was no where to be found.

bricks of my trust,
you promised to care,
when hard times hit,
you were no where..

exposed to the icy stares
i stiffled my silent cries.
i will not waste my tears
however hard you might try.
the walls will be up soon
cemented well to stand tall
and i will fill myself again
with hopeful smiles and charm.

Inspired from the two lines of Ana's poem .. sorry for stealing gal ...


  1. dis is again wondrful...i like tht end wall will b up soon..

  2. I liked these lines the most:

    i will not waste my tears
    however hard you might try . .

  3. Pratsie, you do know the way to my thoughts :)

  4. wow...that is sweet, emotional and so so real..

    great going prats

  5. m glad YOU liked it Ana.... happy !

    thanks all for the nice words here :)

  6. Hi PS,

    it should be like this isn't it?: 'in good and bad times, we should still be together', it's not that when bad times come, he will abandon you?

    very emotional one!

    good morning dear!



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