November 5, 2009


This is the sound that echoes around,
Listen to the foot falls hit the ground,
Its tiring taking all the blame,
Somehow, we still keep playing the game,
It takes one time to make a mistake,
To count every single breath we take,
To sit and watch as the world shakes,
Then, we watch as we finally BREAK!

When we start to break down,
No ones there to stop the fall, but us,
In our mistakes, we start to drown,
Built up walls start to come down

It would take forever, to measure the fall,
How long it took, till we had to crawl,
It was a matter of time till our bodies ached,
We couldn't take another step, but we still faked,
Our condition, and still they believed,
They were on top, its then that they seized up,
Nothing survives a second mistake,
Its our turn to watch, as they BREAK!

All the pressure, can start to build,
Expectations, pile to high,
Theres this hole, nothing can fill,
Only covered, with half written lies,

When we started to break down,
The only one, to stop the fall was us,
In our mistakes, we began to drown,
But built up walls, came crashing down!


  1. AWESOME !!! loved the song .. actually imagines one of my fav singer crooning this ... :) kudos for this gal !!

  2. Looks more like a song we can sing, this poem has a high "singability", nice :)

  3. that is a great poem..



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