November 6, 2009

When V Met - 5


Part 1
Jeet completes his studies and returns back to his home in Mumbai after 2 years.It was an emotional moment for all his friends as they lived together as an inseparable gang for the 5 years.Ishita and Piyu drenched in tears as they saw they friend leaving for home.He gets a glance of some one in the train who mesmerizes him.
Excerpt: ""Jeet!! Listen we are meeting up on 23rd May at Piyali 's place ," Ishita screamed as she bid me the final adieu."
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Part 2
Jeet meets a beautiful girl in train .She was Saya who was going to Mumbai for some work.This part deals with the introductory session of the two protagonist.They get to know more about each other.
Excerpt: "Oh!you are the mountain dew wala Jeet... that Darr ke aage Jeet guy," She cracked a joke.
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Part 3
Jeet gets to know more about Saya's nature.He gets to know the innocent caring girl within her.In this context they both meet a wounded boy at the railway station.Saya gives him some money and clears of the wound.At the end of the journey Jeet confesses his love for her.Wait for the girls reply in part4
Excerpt: "I loved the way you treat people,I loved your generosity ,your humbleness, your attitude,your love for writings, your smile and moreover you," I added.
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Part 4

Jeet gets low and depressed as Saya fails to understand him and leaves him without any reply.To get a change he goes to his best friend Kanika's house.The entire junior college gang of Kanika,Jeet,Parmeet,Anurag and Neeraj unite again.Jeet tells them everything about Saya.They party at a pub and leave for the quest next morning.
Excerpt:" Pussy Cay,Pussy Cat," I heard some noise early morning.It was Kanika's clock singing the rhyme.It was 6 20am .
"What a jerk?," I reacted after listening to Kanika's alarm clock and I turned it and I slept again
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What a jerk?," I reacted after listening to Kanika's alarm clock and I turned it off and I slept again.
Kanika always had this habit of getting up early since our school days. I could never imagine a life without my gang.But I badly miss my other friends.I still remember Ishita and Piyu waving me good bye.Sandy,my crime partner and Nishu,my darling.Each one of them have a special place in my heart.But I would like to mention my junior college friends.Parmeet,Anurag,Neeraj,Ananya and Kanika.I love each one of them. Thinking about this would definitely make me feel nostalgic.Kanika was the only studious person in our gang.Infact she used to teach us during our exam days.

"Hey Guys! get up ,we have an important mission remember!,"Kanika woke up everyone.
"Yo bitch! Why so early?" Anurag got vexed.
"dude, don't you remember the promise that we made to Jeet," Kanika smiled.
"Yes,we should find Jeets babe ," Anurag said and kicked down Parmeet and Neeraj from the bed.

"Tussi, you suck!,"
Parmeet said and arranged the bed.
It was 9 am and we all were ready to leave Kanika's place. I was skeptical about this approach of ours.
"Dude,do you have Saya's photograph,"Anurag curiously asked me.
"No ,I don't," I said with a sad face.
"Fuck you!Jeet you're a loser," he screamed at me.

"Chill guys,"Kanika said.
"Between are we supposed to meet Ananya today,"She asked us.
"May be we should!," I replied.
"Oye! Jeet at least tell us how she looks ," Parmeet asked me to describe Saya.

Saya was an angel.I may have met her few days back,but she impressed me.She had long hair which reflected bright shades of ebony.Her beautiful magical eyes and her alluring skinmesmerized me.Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were bright ,as dark as ink and seemed to brighten the world.Had she smiled, the world would have smiled with her. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort and soothe her.She was a beautiful girl who exhibited the quality of being a true Indian.She was devoid of western culture and seemed to be from a well cultured family.I told my friends everything about her.

"Wahh! kya baat hai bhai!," Parmeet grinned.
"That's great dude,do you have her contact details or anything," Anurag asked me.
'No dude,if I had her contact details then we wouldn't be here," I replied.
"Did she say anything about her place," Kanika asked me.
"Yes she said that she was going to live with her Aunty in Bandra," I replied.
"Achha hua,lets go guys!," Kanika said and we 5 left for Bandra.

We started searching for Saya in Bandstand. The blue sea was calm and smiling under the bright sky. Young beautiful couples were walking along the road.The sea waves would reach the road as we walked along the path.It was 3 pm and finally we gave up.
"Dude!, enough is enough!," Anurag said to me.

My eyes soon grabbed the attention of a tall girl who was walking towards the shopping mall with a carry bag.
I pointed my finger towards her and ran behind her.
"Jeet Wait.,"my friends followed me.
Any how I reached her.As I could only see her back so touched her to see her face.
She slapped me and went away.

"Sorry!," I said.I could see my friends and many people looking at me.
I could see girls giving me threatening looks.

"Yaar ,this is the limit,lets go," Kanika said to me.
"Fuck you Jeet,tu abhi bhi aisa hi hai," Anurag and Parmeet winked at me.

"Jeet,I guess you should go home,"Neeraj said.
My house was located in Bandra.We all left for my home.

"Jeet,Maa must be missing you ," Kanika said.
"Yes she would," I smiled back at her.

We reached home at 5 pm.
"Ding Dong," we rang the bell.

My mother opened the door.She was excited and her happiness had no bounds after she saw me.
"Maa tumi kamon acho?(Mom,how are you?)", I hugged my mom. I was meeting my mother after 2 long years.She was the only person in my life who struggled and worked for me. Paa died when I was very young.Mom could not afford me everything I wanted.She tried her best to make me happy at every stage of my life.She sacrificed everything for me.

"Ami bhalo achi,tui kamon achis beta(I am good, how are you beta)," Momma said. I could feel the tear coming out of her eyes.
We all got it.

Ashirbaad din aunty(bless me aunty)," Kanika sought my mom's blessing.

Tui kamon achis Kanika beti?(How are you Kanika?)" Mom said to her.

"Aona Ondar(come in)," Mom asked my friends to get in.

"Maa...tumi kintu mota hoye gecho(Mom,you've put on weight)," I said to my mother.

She smiled back at me.
Beta...tor jonno ami khub gorbhito....ami khub khushi ki tui bari eshe gechis(Son,i am really proud of you.I am happy that you are back)," Her eyes shed tears and she couldn't stop crying.
Maa...tumi dukkho peyo naa....ami eshe gechi ami tomar shate shob shomay thakbo.(Mom,please don't be sad.I am back and I will be with you forever)," I replied back and wiped the tears from her eyes.

hansho maa(Smile Mom)," I said and I went to refresh myself.
It was not a great day for me,but after seeing momma after 2 years I really felt happy.
My friends left my home at around 7 pm.
During childhood I used to sleep on Momma's lap and she would narrate me wonderful stories.
I slept on my mothers lap as she caressed my hair and told me about different things that happened in this 2 years.

"Mom tell me some good story like you used to say when I was young," I said to my mom.
"Hmm!I will tell you the story about two people,"She said,

"Whats so special about these two people Maa?," I curiously asked my mom.

"These two were made for each other," she said. I found it to be interesting.

"25 years ago ..," she said.

(To be continued...)

PS: posting this part after a long time..Please read the previous 4 parts


  1. The post seems fair enough a writing but is it necessary for the supply of those visuals?
    the pictures dont give the post any new bounce, why allow "a slap" to be shown in a picture?

    just a thought.

    Samata K

  2. the post seems to be fair enough. but why the usage of visuals?
    Is a picture of the slap really necessary to be shown in a visual for people to understand?
    it just steals the essence.

    Just a thought.

  3. i hope you do not mind..but you are using indian language with foreign does not look nice..

  4. i wish i cd get apt indian i didnt gt ....nd hence i had to use foreign pics :P...its just used fr readers to visualize

  5. very lengthy Steph...:)

    like what Samata Joshi said, why show a slapping incident?

    i am missing you in my site Ste!

  6. Story is interesting....
    Think its a bit lenghty, curious bout the next prt !!
    keep up the good work !!

  7. dont tell me you are a bengali!! few correction in bangla... :)


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