November 6, 2009

Terminator in Hastinapur

Terminator in Hastinapur

[Thousands years ago in Jungles of Hastinapur, India, a ball of fire originated, and came out a NAKED terminator

He was on lookout for clothes as-usual and black-colored glasses, then he saw maharishi vishwamitra, whose dhoti was fitting his match (on red screen), he spoke...

Terminator: I want your clothes and sun-glasses.

Vishwamitra: I don't have any sun-glasses.

Terminator: I want your clothes and sun-glasses.

Vishwamitra: Do you even have an idea whom are you talking to?

Terminator: It's all over now.

Vishwamitra: What is over now?

Terminator: I am terminator and you will be terminated.

vishwamitra: Infact the one to be terminated is you.

Terminator: How?

vishwamitra: Do you see this holy water in my kamandal, i may curse u for eternityyyyyyyyy.

[Lots of lightening and thunder in sky]

vishwamitra: You see my power. My voice leads to thunder-storms in sky.

Terminator: Negative, weather department predicted rain and thunder-showers this evening.

vishwamitra: Theek hai, ja main tujhe shrap deta hu....

Terminator: De do.

vishwamitra: Arre, Hum toh sabhi bhashao ke gyata hain, par tumhe bhi hindi bolni aati hai?

Terminator: Mere mastishk ka sanganak, aas paas ke vatavaran se seekhta rehta hai, aur is karan atyant hi shaktishaali vyavasthao ke pradurbhav ke karanvash....

vishwamitra: Aree bas kar, itni mushkil hindi, ab toh mujhe bhi samajh me aana band ho gaya hai.

Terminator: You are forgetting something. You were going to curse me.

vishwamitra: Hmm, i have concluded that you are a nadaan balak, so i am in a mood to forgive you.

Terminator: I need your clothes.

vishwamitra: I have a spare dhoti fitting my size, you may borrow that for a while.

[Vishwamitra and Terminator are now friends, and they are walking down the jungle]

vishwamitra: Tell me why are you here?

Terminator: Classified information, not to be processed.

vishwamitra: Balak tell me, come'on, we are friends now.

Terminator: Negative.

vishwamitra: Okie ill give u some more dhotiz.

Terminator: Negative.

vishwamitra: [about to speak something]....

Terminator: Negative.

vishwamitra: [angry] I'll give you a shraap that your flesh burns in hell for thousand years.

Terminator: I am a cybernetic organism with metallic structure covered with human flesh, even if my flesh burns, i'll survive.

vishwamitra: What do you think, if you wont tell me i wont know. Balak I know everything, i have a divya drishti.

Terminator: Whats that?

vishwamitra: [smiles] I know, Duryodhan has sent you.

Terminator: How do you know?

vishwamitra: He has lost the mahabharata yudhha in future and he has programmed you and sent you here to kill parents of pandvaas, so that he may rule in peace.

Terminator: How do you know that?

[Suddenly Vishwamitra stabs terminator with his kamandal and terminator's body melts and burns due to high electric sparks]

vishwamitra: [speaks like a robot] I am T-1000, advanced prototype, capable of changing shapes, i was here to terminate you, and you are hereby terminated.

Terminator: [dying] Who sent you?

vishwamitra: Prabhu Sri-Krishna.


  1. mind blowing piece of imagination!!!!!!!!
    very good, Go ahead!

  2. @Shraddha ji
    @Jyoti ji

    You liked the post and enjoyed it, m honored.

  3. gave lots of humor though some exchanges i can't understand...:)

  4. @Amity me

    I am sorry, I didn't get you? Was it the language, or complexity of dialogues?

  5. Hey Varun, I gather this is ur opening post at WL? it was very humorous, nicely written liked it a lot! :)

    And regards your question to Amity, she is from Phillipines, so I guess she couldn't understand the exchanges with Mahabharata terms in general! :)

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  7. @Leo

    Thanks a lot for your comments sir, I posted a small poem before this though and yes I got that about 'Amity Me' later.

  8. full fun.. loved this modern mahabaratha :P

  9. @Meow

    That was my aim, ppl should read this stuff and enjoy :)


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