November 19, 2009

What they say---- What it means-----

Politician: We will eradicate Corruption totally.
Meaning: You will never get what you want anyway!
Boss: You have improved quite a Bit John!
Meaning: Earlier your work was S**T
Lover: I love you from the bottom of my Heart
Meaning: There are quite a Few in the slots above, before you
Husband: Darling you look so beautiful Today!
Meaning: I am working from Home today and want my Peace.
Wife: I really do not know what I would have done without you, my Dear
Meaning: Get ready to pay another Credit Card Bill.
Child: Daddy my teacher said your Papa and Mama are the best Parents!
Meaning: She wants your permission to join the school excursion.
Blogging Colleague: Wow!,You are posting like a Marathon.
Meaning: Dude, Its time you stopped. Enough is Enough.
Written in Lighter Veinfor My Musings. Even I fall for flattery!


  1. not stop...we kinda like you here



  2. hahaa.. i love this... meaning - i love this :D

  3. Wow!,You are posting like a Marathon. :P

  4. i would like to share my thought !!!

    Dating Process :

    Phone ringing:

    6days: baby, somebody wants you on the phone !

    6 weeks: here , for u !

    6 months : phone ringing , stupid !

  5. i nominated this lovely post for Avant grade Awards


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