November 20, 2009


It was the end of February, 1964 in Madras (Now known as Chennai) and the weather was unusually pleasant! In Madras we had only one season, summer, throughout the year and onset of even slightest cool breeze was most welcome. My mother was not feeling well and went to consult our family physician. The doctor broke the news that my mom was pregnant and the baby could be expected around November. This being the fifth one after three sons and a daughter, my mom was a bit shaken. She had a history of Hypertension and Diabetes and was not eager for another child. Having detected, the monthly rituals of check-up and various tests ensued. Despite medications my mom’s Hypertension kept playing hide and seek and was causing worries to the physician. My father had to do the dual role.
Five months rolled by and during August 1964 the problems began to get worse. My mother’s hypertension steadily remained at 160/95 causing tremendous tension to both my Father and the Physician. Remember in 1964 there were hardly any specialty hospitals or any sophisticated diagnostic facilities like today and things were near primitive and we had to go the Government Maternity Hospital, Egmore for Delivering a baby. We had not made any arrangements for the hospital because it was still very early. On 31st August my mom got so delirious that she had convulsions and we were very scared. The Doctor who checked her up said it was eclamsia or something which is better avoided during pregnancy. This added more fear to our already sinking hearts. We rushed her to the Hospital and she was admitted in ICU. After 3 days of excellent dedicated efforts of those Angels (Yes that is how the Doctors appeared to us) could bring down her BP but decided that she cannot go through 3 more months for delivery in this condition. They suggested to my father that it was imperative to terminate pregnancy to save her life and anyway 30 odd weeks old fetus is not much of a baby! He agreed and the Doctors performed the Operation.
It was September 1964 when the Doctors called my Dad and informed him that the operation was successful and my mother was safe. We all cried with pleasure and rushed to see her. She was alright and had got back some colour in her cheeks and was on the path of recovery. We thanked GOD for his mercy in saving her from near disaster. It is then the Staff Nurse asked my dad, “Don’t you like to see the Baby!, Sir ?”. It almost shook my Dad. He said, “Baby? Which Baby? Is the Baby alive!?”. She smiled and said, “Well, you better wear the surgeon’s clothes and follow me”. We were given face masks, body gown sterilized, and led to a room which contained a small fish tank like contraption, called Incubator and showed us the tiny spec of life lying there in all its glory. It was so small in size that we could hardly make out its features. The nurse said, “You know your girl has broken the record for the earliest pre-born fully developed infant”. Our eyes were filled with tears and we were just looking at her.
It took 2 more months for the baby to come out of incubator and only for feeds the mother was allowed to hold her in her hands with Her own mouth covered in a mask, lest she infected the baby. This Early Gift of God is today settled in USA with her two kids who are in their teens and a happy family. Strange Indeed are the ways of GOD. Dedicated to the Pre-Born kids Month of November.


  1. 30 weeker ..doing great...what a lovely gift..


    (mine are 32 weekers)

  2. It happened in India in 60s, amazing. Those who have to live shall live regardless of the number of hostile conditions, very true.

  3. Yes, Varun! You said it! It was indeed a MIRACLE in every sens of the word. Even today I treat my sister, despite her 45 years, like a little kid only.


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