November 16, 2009

Take Away Joint

puffing coughing
rolling smoking
keeps you running
but never winning

slow goes saturday
big talks for a great day
joints take away
the bright new sunshine

sleeping, fatigue
never really awake
never really writing
just staring, staring nowhere

awake tired
listless distressed
disturbia name it all

it gives u many
slimy shady
little miss mary
dark nights

pretty sights, try your might
ladies, girls
women, alcohol
turn round and round

dancing singing
playing never really
never really thinking
life is just going

one day that day
it all ends this day
what do you do
nothing nothing to say

there goes a weekend
wake up
sit tight
buck up
good thoughts don't stay for long..


  1. Very nice..!
    every poem of yours that I have read has very good depth.

    And heres a line for you : "Monday to Friday" , Its not me" :-)


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