February 16, 2010

The Sweetest Rain Song

The lilting music drifted in and out of his ears. His toes tilted this way and that, his ears twitching towards the speakers. His right hand lightly held the whiskey glass. It was noon, a Saturday noon in Bangalore and he was bored, ate his share and it rained so heavy.

Just 14 minutes ago Riya had called to say that she couldn’t make it to his house due to heavy rain. He got angry, she had come back after a year and he wanted to see her. What has rain got to do with all this. So he drank, in defiance, in pride, in vanity and towards shame. He would send her rude messages, not for once trying to understand that maybe Riya was tired or sick and she did not want to get wet. He started texting profusely.

It was raining even harder in Riya’s part of the city. She popped some crocin tablets to keep the rain off. Her head was heavy and she felt a bit lost. Subdued and exploited was feeling she, all she needed was truth to unveil, the real rain hitting her hard on the face and true love flowing in her veins. She looked beautiful, pure and sensuous even in the dim rainy day.

She boarded the bus to Kormangla. The bus was empty, not many passengers ventured out in a cloudy day such as this. A tall and lean guy sat next to her. He smiled , she returned the smile, a genuine one.

“Going to meet your boyfriend?”

“Actually yes, how did you know?”

“I am wise” he said and grinned.

“ Ok yes, my sweetheart has called me because I was away for an year and he wants to meet me badly”

“ your sweetheart realizes that you maybe running a temperature and it gets worse?”

He got down.

“if you need to go back I can drop you”

She laughed and said “Get Lost!”

He smiled, his thin face washed with genuineness.

Mr.Sweetheart opens the door. Eyes flushed , sweat trickling from his forehead. Turns his back and stumbles to his armchair.

She stood still, eyes bloodshot with temperature, fists clenched, face taught without expression.

“Waiting..so long?”

All she remembered was the radiant smile of the stranger. She strode to the windows the rain water washed her face, he did grumble only to be kicked in his loins.


  1. good piece.some times this does happen that a stranger can feel the pain but the loved ones stands still.

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  3. that is some good stuff.. love makes us do things we can;t imagine!

    cheers to the package of love. once infected with it, forever gone case! lolz..

    reminds me of my "him" in my life. funny part is we never told each other we loved each other. why? i still don't know.

    simple knowing that the other one loves you is slightly nerve wracking so to speak. sometimes we need words to calm ourselves.. in a metaphorical way..
    anyway, nice work! :)


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