November 1, 2009

Once upon a time in Infosys 1

Disclaimer: This story is written by one of my writer friend.I loved this story and I have posted this for you guys .

I was sitting on the footpath right outside my hostel building with all my bags packed, waiting for the golf cart which had to drop me till the gate of the Infosys campus in Mysore. Infosys Technologies ltd. is the most prestigious software company in India and its campus in Mysore, where all the fresh entrants are trained is considered to be the best in India. I looked at the surroundings. Road was empty and there was no one around. All the trainees were attending classes as it was around eleven in the morning. A lovely breeze was blowing and I could see some birds frisking, frolicking and playing pranks with each other but I was alone. I was alone when all my friends were in the class. Now even the birds, the wind and the trees had started teasing me.

I couldn’t resist myself from shedding another drop of tear although I’d been doing the same the whole last night. Of course, I was checking out but that was not the only reason for the tears. It was something much bigger than that and very much contemptible. I was not leaving the campus after completing my training but I’d been expelled from the company. Or I can say, I was being thrown out. I felt like dying.
Then appeared the white colored cart coming from the road adjoining Food Court 2. The cart reminded me of my first day in the campus and took me into the past for sometime.

What a lovely evening that was? How excited I was when I put my first step into the heaven called as Mysore campus of Infosys and was completely engrossed with the thoughts of future that what I will do and how I’ll enjoy in the campus. First thing that came to my mind that day was to explore the campus and locate all those places I’d seen in those lovely photographs. I sat into the golf cart which took me through some long and winding but neat and clean roads. The first building I noticed was that football shaped spherical building which appeared behind the lush green cricket ground on the right side of the road. In fact that was the only building I’d seen before coming here but I was amazed to see a building on the left which was under construction. It was absolutely phenomenal and resembled the Colosseum of Rome. There was another one which resembled the White House but wasn’t white in color. Some guy in the Cart told that it is GEC or the Global Education Centre where we’ll go through our training.

The cart stopped at a small building inside which there was a kind of a reception. We got our luggage checked and room was allotted to me. The guy sitting next to me in the cab was to be my room mate. His name was Varun and was a tall but slim guy from Punjab with a lot of beard on his face looked as if he’s not shaved since ages but that really gave him a typical Punjabi looks. I was just thinking how someone like me from Gujrat will stay with such a guy who doesn’t even bother to shave his face. Then we were sent to our hostel in another cart. We just found out that our hostel is nearest to FC2 and moreover, the hostel right next to us was a girl hostel. That Punjabi straight away planned to buy a new binocular so that he could easily peep into girls rooms during night.

I opened the door of my room and could not believe my eyes. It was the best room I’d ever seen with my own eyes and was just exhilarated with the thought that I’d be staying here for next few months though with some one who looked to be very unhygienic. But that was not a problem at all coz like all the Punjabis Varun was quite nice at heart. We just kept our bags and explored the whole campus. We saw the lovely swimming pool, Gymnasium, Bowling alley, Market and Habib’s haircutting saloon from where Varun got his beard trimmed.
The classes started and we were made to sit in a big room having a huge white board with a couple of projector screens in the front and opposite to that were numerous seats each having a separate computer system. I was made to sit in the third row and luckily between a couple of girls though both of them had just ordinary looks. Later I came to know that we were made to sit alphabetically when I got introduced with both those gals. One was Ganmeet from Punjab and the other was Geetha from Mangalore and sandwiched between them was me, Gaurav Keswani from Vadodra.

Both those gals were quite antithetical in their behavior, style, knowledge and everything they did. Where Ganmeet was quite simple, Geetha was stylish like all ultra-mod and hap Bangalore gals. Ganmeet was calm, composed and reserve but Geetha was dynamic and extrovert. And most importantly, Ganmeet was good in her logics and a very strong programmer and Geetha was a contrast in this matter too. This I realized when she asked me to debug her first C-language assignment. I was shocked to see the code. She had put the include statement within main. God, she was a B.Tech in comp. science. But her cute and embarrassed smile was clearly accepting her weakness. I helped her and this became a routine. Within in no time we grew very close to each other. We used to have the meals together, we used to study together, we used to watch the movies together and we used to go out together. Our friendship grew more intense when she flunked in the first module test of C language but I got an ‘A’ and so did Ganmeet. But my roomy, Varun had also flunked. So Geetha and Varun they both had to appear for the re-test. Everyday I used to teach them and make them practice more and more. Now we were like a group. Four of us started staying together as Varun and Ganmeet, both being punjabi’s grew very close to each other. Now instead of me, it was Ganmeet who taught him.

Then came the retest. I and Ganmeet were waiting for both of them outside the hall. Varun came out happily clearly showing that he’d cleared and he did. Many came out but she was still in. I was getting worried as only I knew that the hopes were less. It was the last minute when she came out jumping and without speaking a word threw her self on me and kissed on my cheeks. Many had seen but all knew what had happened. I was stunned and so were Varun and Ganmeet. It was obvious for a guy who never had any gal in his life and was kissed by a hot south Indian gal in front of whole batch. But she took it as a very normal thing and I pretended the same.

“Its all because of you Gaurav, that I’ve cleared it. Hats off to you sweetheart”, she said.
We were not into any sort of relationship but that’s how she used to call me and in fact all her close friends. But there was nothing wrong in it and I enjoyed it. We grew more and more close to each other. She took care of me in every sense: my dressing, my eating and what ever I did. She told me many things about gals which I’d never known. We now freely shared our body secrets to each other.

On the next weekend she took me to Bangalore where she’d done her engineering degree. We met many of her friends, my friends and went to famous markets and malls of the city. One thing I could say, she’d a very happening friend circle. In the evening we went to a pub where both of us danced after gulping a couple of beer mugs. The dance grew more and more passionate with time. It was my first time in a pub but she was quite used to it. Next evening we left for Mysore which is a three hour journey from Bangalore. But there I’d spent the best weekend of my life.
On the way, we talked about everything on the earth. Then she kept her head on my shoulder and held me which I could say was half a hug. I just responded. I’d never sat like this with a gal ever in my life. Everything was so nice and tender. Time seemed like flying. I wished I could’ve been like this forever. I’d fallen in love with her.

“You know what Gaurav”, she said.

(To be continued...)


  1. waiting for the next part though it sounds like some mega serial!!

  2. have read ds before,, u know i must have,,, :) but thanks fr making me remember my training days at mysore,,, that was definitely heaven !!

  3. Intense!
    If the first part got a Tangy Tuesday pick the rest will too!
    Brilliantly written!


  4. wonderful story...
    btw, what is Writers Luunge? is it a group of frinds or anybody can join it?


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