October 31, 2009

Heights of Addiction

Phone rings.
This guy will never leave me even when he is in honeymoon
“Hello, dude.. I forgot to tell you one important thing. Please do it dude.”
“I’ll give you my login id and password of my FB. Harvest the crops in my farm”
He cuts the call, with hands on his head!

Cross posted from ER


  1. oh..my god..it was too funny..:)farmvilla addiction..lolzzz..:P

  2. lols...iff by any chance you guys play farmville...do add me in your neighbour list...you cn find me in stephen's prof..if you don't know my name :)

  3. haha,,, this is hilarious !! but i guess its true addiction ;) that reminds me to check my mafia page :)

  4. LOL! seriously! This is sooooooooooooooo true! damn it!

  5. tht games's the coolest i came across!


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