November 16, 2009

Lady, its a war!

Like the stars spoke of the moon, you spoke about him to me.

Just like the little kid who is riding through a fairytale, i heard you.
My eyes wide with amazement, like i just found a lost toy from under the bed.
I pictured the perfect prince come riding on a unicorn...
You'd be the princess, my favorite princess!
I wanted to see the twinkle in your eye when you held his hand and he led you into lush green meadows...
Every word built a thousand castles...each castle which belonged to you, my princess!
And then, like you promised, he came by, and...
all I felt was a sharp pang of jealousy!
I wanted to be the star closest to the moon, I wanted him to be the toy i found from under my bed.
I wanted this prince, and for me to be the princess!
The unicorn would be mine, the twinkle in the eye would be mine,
The hand he held would be mine, the castle would be mine,
He would be mine, I would be his.
I want the fairytale to be MINE...
And so, as you bid me farewell, I spoke of teardrops and pain and the agony and hurt and sting and twinge and the misery involved in this saga called 'love'...
Sad you fell for it...


  1. Superb Elegy for Lost Love! Awesome post.

  2. Good one...Well.. I've this kinda feeling right now...

  3. ha! i took it to be in some other context till i realized what u r talking abt ... u fuleed my imagination ;)

  4. awwwwww....thank you soooo much guys :)


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