November 7, 2009

In need of Serendipity...

Align Center

Celestial Soul,yours,
am blessed with,thou,

Within,fragment each,
is known your existence,
Without any piece of evidence,

Abiding in my heart,

absorbed deeply, in each of my breath,

resting within me,for

eternity with peace..

Despite,entangling in spirit,single,

I need to plea in petition,

You,the Creator of my
Owner of my actions,
Sealed my fate,

Concealed my destiny,

obeyed each of your conduct,
Ranting,I'm in a hope,

Burning in the fire of
Craving for that
serendipitous moment,
will it ever happen to me,
will there be an end to my wait..
Oh..Mighty, lip to my woe,

tangled u, with sigh of my breaths..

Today,I Solicit you to,
Free me from my Karmas,
Take me into your spiritualism,
Obey,I will your Dharma,
Wipe off all my wither and worries,
Abate all my desires and woes,
Serendipity yours,I awe with a bow..!!!


  1. Hi Mads,

    we have the same petition to the Almighty to free us from the bad karma...:)

    nice and emotional write-up dear...:)

    have a happy weekend...:)

  2. good one Mads.. I read it already.. but commenting it now only.. after reading it twice.. :)


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