November 20, 2009


G.E.N.I.U.S (This is just a sieve hole effort of mine to define the myriad faceted word “Genius”). While I sank in to articulate the concealed meaning of this humongous 6 lettered word, the finer and deeper fragments started ripping apart boggling my psyche. The reason being, to comprehend this is beyond the reach of human beings. Same as the cosmic space has no boundaries, in my perspective, even this word has no bounds. Ok……, suppose , if I start defining its multifarious ramifications, where should I start off from. Hmmmmmm… still meandering. According to me , the GENIUS lies in the minds of creator…..perhaps here again, I need to prioritize according to the hierarchical order.

First is the divine force, for his GENIUS knows no bounds, as he is the architect for innumerable GENIUS , in all spheres of existence. GENIUS lies in his eyes that has evoked vision of knowledge in our inner eyes, and vision of light in our outer “eyes” , that has enabled us to see the aurora of nature. (Knowledge and Light are the two selfish less entities, man can pray for).

GENIUS is embedded in his “ears”, for he who has enabled us to hear the cries of the world, the nature, fellowmen. So, this is applicable to all the particles of our body(without excluding, the minutest or the redundant one like appendix). Ok, you might be thinking what is GENIUS apart from his GENIUS, the macro and the micro manager, i.e god. I believe that the GENIUS of present belongs to the GENIUS of the past, there is one to one mapping. Are you expecting me to start from the evolution, i.e. the Big Bang explosion, comets meteors…..Yeah, the GENIUS lied there also, in the sense, the orderly sequence of reactions which led to the first life on earth, i.e. single celled organism, was GENIUS. (Spare me for amoeba protozoa did not have brains LOL!!!). Then happens the subsequent biological evolution from single to eventually higher order organisms. So GENIUS lied in “evolution”.
Ok, now let me start from the point, that human beings existed, that is our ancestors. The existing world order is a result of constant cascading and layering of GENIUS of the past. May it be invention of fire, wheel, housing, society, culture, and food habits?. My generation explanation will not be complete if I fail to mention the civilization that cropped up (Herald of culture is reflected in us today!!). May it be Egyptian civilization, Mesopotamian civilization, Indus valley, Harappa and Mohenjadaro civilization, and so on….. What I am trying to accentuate here is the point that people during the course of their civilization tried to bring out the best in them. For example, town planning, cultural groups, new strategies in farming. So, the GENIUS lied in “generation and civilization”.
Now flowing down to the technological and medical arena. Starting with realms of physics, which has aid for better understanding of nature (which is once again infinite) to some extent. This dates back to the protagonists in the fields of astrophysics like Galileo, Johannes Kepler, who explained to the world the structure of the universe, the solar system, planets in its complete form. Next in the order is Albert Einstein, for his “Theory of Relativity”. His contribution to the world of physics is beyond explanation . (My list includes all the present Techies, scientists, researchers of all fields).Then is the Mathematical GENIUS like Aryabhatta, Ramanujan , Pythagoras. Lot of research in medical field is under progression, may it be in the field of genetics, cloning(DOLLY), transplantations, pharmaceuticals . All this is to fight the specters of diseases. This includes all the past and present technological acumens like Dalton, Fraunhofer, Faraday, Doppler , Marconi, Sir M.V, C.V.Raman, Homi Jahangir Baba, Charles Babbage, Shakuntala Devi, A.P.J Abdul Kalaam , Kasturi Rangan).
I would like to mention the noble economists, administers of all generations , like Chanakya , Aristotle. Thanks to Mr. Amartya Sen, the recipient of the most coveted title “NOBEL PRIZE”. And our present PM, Mr. Man Mohan Singh. So the GENIUS lies in the “Discoveries , Inventions, Vision”, of these people, who had,(who is), contributed for a better world. Probably if I dwell into Architecture, Music, Literature, Sports, Dramatics I confront several of them in these areas also. Hmmm, Architecture: In architecture I name all the 7 wonders of the world. The rich architecture of St. Marys Basilica church, Venice, is an example. (In fact if you ask me which is richest city in the world, I would tell Rome, not because of its financial status in trade, but for its out standing architectural standings. ).
In India, the Vijayanagara Kingdoms, that is Hampi, Moghul Empires, and several other architectural monuments like Hawa Mahal, Qutub Minar, Gol Gumbaz, Jaipur Palace, still stand as the ICONS of tourists attractions. The GENIUS lies in “ Architecture”. Literature: Where should I put my pointer, to Renaissance, Medival period…. Writers like Giotto, Dante, Boccachio… Yes the literature was at its peak during the middle period . In fact, I would mention the development of languages, which started of as signs, and the took a structure. (Here I find myself privileged to mention the Sanskrit, which is the root language of India, is apparently the only language understood by the computers, for its composure is supposed to be the most scientific one, and this led to our national Language Hindi, my mother tongue Kannada,and other languages). The Romeo Juliet of William Shakespear, Geetanjanli of Rabindranath Tagore, the Das (Kabir , Tulsi, Ram), Meera Bai, Akka Mahadevi ,Ganesha, Kumara Vyasa,Valmiki, Kuvempu, Bendre, and all the writers of this world So the GENIUS lies in the “Characters” of these writers. Arts, Sports , Dramatics: It is immemorial. Who can forget the perennial , ethereal master piece “ Mona Lisa”, of Leonardo Da Vinci ( Did You know that she was the wife of Florentine Banker Zanobi Del Giocondo. It is sad to see, that she is being morphed by present youth). His peer , Micheal Angelo, has also contributed significantly in the field of art. This caters all the best painters in the world ( I am proud to say that my dad is a painter too, though not on international charts). In India, I would wish to mention the works of Raja Ravi verma(in fact I have put few of his paintings in Photo album section), whose live example is the Mysore Palace. All are aware of M.F.Hussain’s paintings( His portrait of Madhuri Dixit was auctioned for Rupees 25 lacs!!!!. I recommend you people to gear up for the forth coming Mysore Dasara, which is a symbol of rich cultural heritage of Karnataka and India, whose magnetic force of attraction attracts ppl of all caste from the nook and corner of the world. Not only Dasara, there are spate of several other events in India of world reputation, like the Kumba Mela which takes place once in every 12 years). The GENIUS lies in the “Life of these paintings”. Sports: This once again is age old, and took different shapes and forms. Right from bull fighing, the martial arts like Kung fu, Judo, (India’s Karate, Klaripattu),to cricket , hockey, chess(which was there from Mahabharatha, that is the Kavade(shat ranj.. not sure), due to which the epic started, and then the Pandavas had to go for Exile…..),to the sensational tennis(Sania is definitely making major strides!!!). GENIUS lies in the spirits of these “sports and personalities”. Dramatics: What started as theatres in previous centuries has metamorphosised , in to the present Holly hood, Kolly Hood, Tolly Hood, Lolly Hood,Bolly Hood(All possible hoods in Wood). I can never forget Charlie Chaplin. GENIUS manifests in the “acting of these actors” Music: GENIUS lies in the “lyrics, compositions of the music director, voice of the aficionado’s (M.S.S, Pt Ravi Shankar, Ustad Bismillah Khan), sounds that emanate from the musical instruments and instruments themselves( My fav instu is flute, becoz, though it is hollow, its sound is scintillating)”. Last but not the least I would like to mention about the fighters of all ages. Darwins theory of survival of fittest will never wane. The struggle for power, freedom, postion,name , fame, possessions has been taking place. I would shower my gratitude, to all the freedom fighters of India , and in the global map, Nelson Mandela. Several moratoriums have been signed like IAEA, NPT, for controlled usage of nuclear energy, in a manner that is useful( No one can forget Naga saki and Hiroshima, in fact the hurricanes , that are shaking the U.S like Katrina , Rita, is the curse of god (Most ppl are under this impression)). So all the peace gurus fall under this category with first one be Mother Theresa( Would you lift a leprosy person),Vivekananda. GENIUS lies in the “ freedom of mankind”. (My brain is locked). Recapping the all GENIUS, I would like to arrive at an end by concluding that GENIUS is “ Imperishable, Ineffable, Unmanifest, Omnipresent, Inconceivable, Immutable at the zenith of its existence”, for this means the definition of god in Bagavd Gita!!!!. And his GENIUS stands for:

G: Greatness

E: Effervescence

N: Natural

I: Ingenuous

U: Ubiquitous

S: Subtle.

(Spare me if I would have missed the rhythmic order, becoz I wrote it late night at 12. There I got , GENIUS lies in the time between birth and death. Getting paranoid with GENIUS, then start counting it. One more thing I am not certain about the dual meaning of GENIUS).

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