October 12, 2009

Tell me Why..????

Why did you come in my life??

Why did you give me momentary happiness??

Why did you promise me happiness forever??

Why did I trust you so easily??

Why did you break my trust so easily??

Why did you leave me alone in between of nowhere??

Why cant I believe you did that to me???

Why can't I forget the time I spent with you?

Why am I not able to get my mind out of you??

Why cant I hate you though you hurt me so much??

Why do I still..........????

Tell me why, why, why..............


  1. Hi Urvashi,

    that's really life, full of why's...

    but we should take the why's to survive in this life...

    don't be sad if you really meant this post of yours...

    cheer up!


  2. Answer for every question may reach you...but the number of why's will never reduce....coz' life is all about questions....Why's are important..!!!

    nice work dear..!!

  3. drop the dude..and go shoppping..

  4. @Amity : Hmm.. just tried to pen down some questions imagining myself to b in that situation...

    Not actually abt me, though..!! thanks :)


    @ Yamini: yeah these 'Why's' always keep popping up... truly said.

    @ Shraddha: Hahaa..nice suggestion..!! :D


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