October 2, 2009


Rarely does it shows up in the sky
And if it does
It creates a magic spell
No one could fathom the
Beauty it beholds
On one's eyes and the
Wonderful colors it scatters in the world...

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Note: Dear Solitary Writer, as I've promised yesterday, here is a new post from me here at the Writers Lounge. Thanks for encouraging me, and I hope my fellow members here will recognize my work. And if they do, I will promise to be active here. I owe you!


  1. that is very very fine!

    hey! do not go away! keep coimng back!

  2. thank you Shraddha...

    of course i will, i have a lot in mind that could be posted here...

    thanks so much!!!

    P.S. please care to visit my own site at: http://intelclub.blogspot.com/.

    see you there!:-)

  3. This sure is a rainbow to the lounge.. :) very very good :)

  4. Hello Meow,

    thanks so much...am inspired to continue posting some more...


    P.S. Please visit my site too.XD

  5. this was a wonderful post

    m glad to see u all here

    thank u fr making WL active

  6. Solitary Writer,

    thanks you found my comebacking post, after hibernating for a few weeks here...


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