October 27, 2009

Little Boy never Grew Up

little boy grew up
he is a little strange
he is a little weird.
he looks around and people think he stares

little boy had it easy
he thought life would have plenty.
but he didnt grow up all dandy.
his head blew up like a balloon

little boy runs not fast
some pretty sums he does
he has a beard now and some whiskey
but when he talks
you couldn't help yourself

you would say
that he hasn't grown enough
you would say what a retard he was
but this is what I found that day
a note on little boy's jeans

that says
I always feared to grow up
in a world full of shitheads
when they would discover the value
of my huge brain

they would use me mistreat me
sell me and wring me
and make money
so I devised a plan

and it worked out so well
make them think that I am dumb
easiest way to fool them I say
let them laugh and let them jeer

bcos I laugh at them everyday
every minute
I specially laugh at some over
sympathetic clowns
who say

"It's not his fault, such mental retardation
happens to few"

I just hold my laughter
very hard to I would saY
who would tell those
clowns that even if they got an
ounce of my grey cells

They would be doing something in life I say
But ignorance is bliss
better unsaid and unheard.
I am happy that they let me be in peace

It will happen one day
when I figure out what Im going to do next
leave them here
with mouths wide open
and soar towards the open sky.

Little boy will screw them as a man
big men important people
all down to the ground
helpless unmovable, such are their fate
vanity and arrogance it's all their doing "


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