October 21, 2009

Cradle of life

“The cradle of life lingers on. The cradle of life is full of lust. It’s full of glory and so full to the top. The cradle of life gets poured from within. Songs sung and heroes dead, the cradle of life lingers on. Death, rust and filth. The cradle of life don’t spare at all. Little fingers raised in the air, the cradle of life takes the middle ones in. Confusion, corruption, molestation the cradle of life devours it all. Fun, gaiety, anxiety and reform, nothing is spared from the cradle of life.”

“This is a restaurant or a god damned phsyco filling station.?”- Ramy

“It looked good from the outside”-Rina

“Even you look good from the outside”- Ramy grinned.

She punched him on his tummy.
“But what’s all that gyan in the menu, we just came to eat ya”- Rina.

“The guy said we would get it by dessert”- pointed Ramy.

They had a sumptuous meal, Ramy didn’t like dessert, but loved to look at Rina with mouthfuls of dessert.

“What should we have?”- Rina chanted.

“Hmm, let’s see what they have got”- Ramy.



This that no naa. They spent about 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the page.

“The world is falling down but we don’t stop eating, it all goes in to the cradle of life. So eat good while you are still in.”-serving you for 15 years- CRADLE OF LIFE


  1. interestign in a way !! random if you look at it arbitrarily !!

  2. Interesting post. Is that what you see in life?

  3. @gypsy sometimes I ponder on these lines

  4. very nice and thought provoking!

    keep writing!


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