September 8, 2009

When you are GONE

When you are gone, i know not life
Doomed to remain your unwed wife
The magic that you once invoked
The nightmares change the dreams you showed---
       Like a raw nerve sliced by a knife.

The zeal for life just got erased
Moment you stepped into the blaze
Sealed with your thoughts, am all alone--
       When you are gone...

The full moon lits the path unknown
To the place where we both belong
Together beyond life and death
I am coming....just keep the faith
The deathly waves carry me on---
         When you are gone....

Word Count| 95

P.S| a Rondeau form of poetry.
{A Rondeau is a French form, 15 lines long, consisting of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet with a rhyme scheme as follows: aabba aabA aabbaA.
Lines 9 and 15 are short - a refrain (A) consisting of a phrase taken from line one.The other lines are longer (but all of the same metrical length).
1st para (Quintet)- aabba rhyme scheme, syllable count-8
2nd para (Quatrain)- aabA rhyme scheme, syllable count-8
3rd para (Sestet)- aabbaA rhyme scheme, syllable count-8
(syllable count excused for Lines 9 and 15 for a Rondeau poetry)}


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