September 4, 2009

A wait Under the moon

Another day has ended
The moon is all set to shine
The hope again shattered
Yet again, the wait for you never ended.

The same moon
Under which we made sweet love
The same stars that sparked the passion
The same sky
Under which you made love filled promises
And today I am alone and stranded
Looking for you in the twinkle of the stars
Searching for you in the brightness of the moon
Still all I get is an empty sky.

Thy words still ringing in my ears
Raising hope with rise of the sun
Hoping for some word from you
But the silence of my heart and soul
Echoes with the shining moon.

Future sought vanished with you
Eclipsing the happiness of my life
Twinkling stars mock at me
For they stand witness to the love I had
The love that you left brutally at the doors of hell
While I was waiting for the trip to paradise of heaven
Where u held my hand to a glorious life
Where my love was all you needed
Where there were no tears or any pain
Where the moon sheltered my love forever.
But the hand I seek has long gone
My love been betrayed
Tears blotch the present parchment
And the moon has hid amongst the clouds.

Still every morning
I wake up with a hope
To see the stars shining with you
To again let passions soaring under the vast sky
To fulfill thy promises of forever under the moon
Word Count: 257


  1. Lovely... :)

    Perhaps that is the best way I can describe it!

  2. @vidisha, leo, aarthi, fl

    thanku all...this was my comeback poem after a long i am glad u guys liked it...

  3. Lines filled with longing, betrayal, love and hope..
    Great poem!!


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