September 4, 2009

Her Beautiful Life!

She saw the clock strike eleven and got up immediately from her bed! Then she started searching for her slippers in the darkness, trying not to make even a slightest sound. She can’t afford to let her mom know that she was trying to sneak out of the house. Tip toeing to the front door, she opened it quietly and crept outside. The darkness devoured her, making her quite similar to her shadow. At first, she took cautious tiny steps like an excited kid who is just learning to walk. Once she was far away from her home, she broke into one run. She can hear the big waves at the sea nearby, roaring away. She smiled to herself and headed in the direction of the beach. One can sense the excitement and happiness she is feeling at that moment, when she was heading towards her favorite place. Suddenly she stopped! She was speechless. The sight of the beautiful full moon caught her by surprise. Why surprise?! Because at that moment, she realized that her life is also so beautiful, just like that sight. The sight which showed the full moon playing hide and seek with the dark clouds! The clouds didn’t spoil the splendor of the moon in any way at all. Instead it created a mysterious aura around the moon. This made the moon look even more magnificent! She stood there silently, savouring the peace she felt, drinking in the beauty of the sky.

Suddenly, someone gave her a warm hug from behind. Someone stood right behind her, whispering in her ears, “Hey beautiful”. This time she was not caught by surprise! Instead she turned and smiled at him. The same smile, which made him fall in love with her and which made him propose her. The same smile, which she gave him when she said “Yes”!

As she rested her head on his shoulders, she thought, “Yes, Life is very beautiful indeed”

Word Count - 325

Hey everyone, how you doing?! I have been away for a very long time now! Sorry for no posts or comments. I am reading all the posts but no time to comment. This is my entry for the Moonlight Picture contest! Hope this (at least!) qualifies to find a tiny winy place at this blog : ) cos i read all the other entries. Really good, I must say !! :) Anyway, I am signing off here! Have a good weekend guys! Take care!!


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