September 6, 2009

Towards Eternity

Love me, love my soul,
Love me till eternity.
I want to take you with me
Towards eternity.

The infinite universe beckons us,
To create a world of beauty.
I know it won’t deceive me.
It calls us to live there forever.

Let’s go towards the endless sky
Far from the sea of sorrows.
Who knows whether there is a tomorrow?
The world here has only heartbreaks to offer.

See the loyal moonlit sky glistening,
I can see the horizon shining.
It’s happy to receive us,
I know it won’t deceive us.

Heavens are celebrating
Our homecoming.
Here I go towards the endless sky,
To merge into its vastness.

Now if I call you,
Will you come with me?
Towards eternity,
To be loved forever.

Word Count :127


  1. awesome? Whoever ur beckoning.. therez no way he can say no ;P

  2. the write up was really well penned but still I am unable to connect it with the support pic, :)
    as always I love ur work!!

  3. @ pisku- Thanks :)

    @pulkit- Thanks Pulkit. As the theme is about calling the lover to come and accompany the character towards the endless sky & merge into infinity, i feel the pic somewhat resembles the said emotion.

    And just to introduce myself, i have recently joined Writer's lounge, and this was my first post here. I am happy to join this amazing space wherein so many people voice their thoughts on a common platform.

    I already have a personal blog:

    Please check that out too n leave in ur precious feedback.


  4. Shruti,

    Just change the pic and put the ML Contest pic... :)

    Its perfect for the contest! :)

  5. @ freelancer- Thanks :)

    @ Aarthi- Thanx babe. Well i have done that now :)


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