September 16, 2009

Silver Moon Light...

Sara closed her eyes tight, dived deep into the blanket, but still couldn’t sleep properly. Not more than five minutes, she popped her head out; took a deep breath. Got up and sat on the bed with her blanket draped tightly on her. She moved her hands aimlessly on the bed. There was no one other than her; empty.

A breeze brushed her. She looked out. The sky looked adorable with stars and the stunning moon. She felt the breeze carried some message. Somebody was trying to call her, tell her something. Spreading her hands on the bed she closed her eyes. For the last few years she had shared this room with someone special, never had slept alone over here except for the last two days. It was all fun to be on this bed at any point of time.

She heaved a deep sigh

Again the breeze came. She got up from the bed and headed towards the window. With her moist eyes she saw the full moon. She felt as if it wanted to say something to her. Did she see a smile coming from the moon? They always used to imagine moon with smiles. With a shade of sadness she remembered how they used to get imaginative talking about moon. They used to humanize the moon and were their next best friend. They enjoyed the peaceful pearl colored moon rays that were showered upon them.

She went upstairs, opened the door and reached the terrace. The trees surrounding her house were not in their best of moods. The intermittent breeze was trying its best to wake them up and make the leaves dance with it. It seems they are also not in a mood. A heavy sadness prevailed over the area. She came to the corner of the terrace and stared at the moon. Moments flew and the moon winked at her. Rather she felt so. She pinched herself to check reality. Another stare at the moon she felt the moon was calling her: trying to say something.

She ran downstairs, past her bedroom, living hall and the main door in a jiffy and rushed on to the rocky garden outside her compound. Reaching onto the top of that rocky garden she looked up to the sky. The moon was shining more brightly showering silver rays. Panting, she could feel the presence of someone. She held her hands high pointing the moon. A cool breeze came from nowhere. She embraced herself tight. This is the spot where they used to chat about life, love and children, the place where they used to sing songs together, fight with each other under the moonlight, the place where they sat together in union with the nature.

Emma, I miss you…You were more than a twin sister to me. Hope, your untimely death will not part us away. Come hug me…

She could feel; the hug. The breeze, moonlight and the night hugged her.

From somewhere, Emma hugged her.

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