September 16, 2009

My comeback

Hiya friends.....
Am posting after a very long time......
I've named this a comeback because I am back.....
I am back crazier than before...,..

"I wad cornered in a dark world,
Felt very lonely in this materialistic world,
Felt like I was swimming IN a sea of sorrow,
But you entered my life,
All turned topsy turvu,
Am immersed in the sea of happiness,
My joy knew no bound,
very elated I am,
my feet no longer feel touching the ground,
'Thank you',I wanna tell,
but don't wanna separate u from me with a thanku you note,
am re-entering the blogger world,
I missed the lounge a lot,
you made me realize it,
am glad that you are with me....
-My voice towards my conscience.....

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