September 3, 2009

Moonie... help me... please

I was stood on the rocks and stared at the moon which was glowing in the dark, cloudy sky.
"My friend, there is a problem. What is it?" the moon asked me.
"Moonie, she ran away..."
The moon didn't say anything for a bit. Then he started whispering to a group of clouds who were surrounding him. A few seconds later, the clouds arranged to form an arrow pointing to the left.
"I don't know who ran away, dear. But something inside me is telling me, go left."

I smiled at the moon. Poor thing was trying to help me. How can I believe the moon? I mean, he's not supposed to speak! Why is he speaking? Let alone to me, a random girl who's beloved cat ran away! Oh my god. I've lost my mind. I'm crazy! Take me to a mental hospital...

"Please. Go left."
"Why?" I said, confused.
"Something is there. Something which can help you." the moon said happily.
"What's there? Tell me. Please." I said softly, tears brimming in my eyes.

"Go there yourself. Trust me. Something is there."

The next day
I stood back on the rocks like I had did yesterday. Obviously the moon was not there. I remembered what he had said... go left. I went left, looking around as I paced carefully. Suddenly I spotted a pawprint and gasped. A few yards away, Softy, my lil cat lay lifeless on the cold path.
Word count: 242
Hey guys... sorry not posted anything in a while!
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  1. And yes I forgot to mention, your post was different Rosh... in the sense that unlike every other post, you left it with a sad ending!

    Life is just like that... can't expect a happy ending always, right? :)


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