September 4, 2009

The Incomplete Love Saga!

** Posted on behalf of Rashi!

She sat alone today where they sat together. This was their place where they shared all their secrets. They had met here. They had met when both of them had loved and lost. They supported each other in ways that no1 could understand. They laughed together and comforted when the other one cried. Together, they shared a bond that they themselves couldn't understand.

One day, she was on her way to meet him and she realized her broken heart hurt no more. She wasn't numb as before and she could feel. More importantly, she once again felt love. Friendship that had slowly evolved into love without her ever knowing it. The realization had to be shared. She had to tell that he had broken her shell, broken her resolve of never loving, of never giving her heart away, of becoming vulnerable once again. She reached their place. She saw him standing there, radiant as ever. There was something in the way the moonlight bounced off his face. Was it a smile that she saw on his face? Or was it her happiness that she could see on his face? She went up to him and hugged him and surprisingly, he hugged her back tightly too. Does he feel the same too? Hope and confusion in her heart.

He looked at her and said, " I need to tell you something." She smiled. He continued, " I have decided enough is enough. I know I cant get those years of my life back again. I need to move on. I have decided to take my life back. I know I can never love again but atleast I can live again."

She looked on, unsure of whether to be happy or to be sad. Never love again? Unknowingly, tears welled in her eyes. He took her face in his hands and pacified her. She decided it is best she not tell him of how she felt. He didn't need that now. Maybe one day, maybe some day.

Today, she sits here alone. Knowing not whether to be happy that he is living or sad that he isn't loving her.

PS: I know I have been away. But, I read this contest and just had to post. I have always been a part of everything that happens on the Lounge and I just couldn't not post. This isn't for the contest. This is just for all to know that I am here reading you always. Silently but surely. I feel exactly like story away from Lounge but I need that break and I hope when I come back, I will find the same Lounge that I love so much!

A special shout out to Kajal, Happy Belated Birth day girl! I did remember. How could I not remember a fellow Virgo's birth day?


  1. it happens rashi...u cant help it...its sad dat u love someone n u knw u ll not be loved back in d same way hurts...n i understand...

    but maybe sometimes its more dan enough that we love them...n i knw u wonder whether to feel happy r not...a confusion never ending...

    n guess what i am just hearing this song in my playlist

    "Tum hamare nahi toh kya gum hai
    Hum tumhare toh hain, ye kya kum hai"

    dunno if one can be dat selfless r not...if i consider myself in dat position...maybe i wont...but maybe i will...who knows what love makes u do...

  2. ..nice rashi i m moved really..I don't know y it happens difklt...but I can jst say dere is smthng good behind dis...!!!


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