September 14, 2009

From nothing to something..!!

Well we all mature,become something from nothing(of course academically otherwise i feel every person is superior in his ownself).And suddenly everything changes just in an instant.Everything goes in a opposite way.Wondering how?Like this..

1.When you're nothing you wake up as you want,in your shorts,hair and beard all grown up,sit with a coffee(which ofcourse you order your mum for that and she curses you for it everyday),a news paper in hand reading all the news in the world which has nothing to do with you but still is fun in some way..
Now when you're something,you become a professional.You've to be properly dressed as anybody can land up at your place even in the morning(why don't these people stay at their place i wonder sometimes then i figure out may be the flush at their bathroom is not working so they're coming here).You don't have to order coffee it comes without asking because now you're earning and you sit with a news paper reading about shares,fiscal policies,budget and the most boring things in this entire world..Now that's very boring and depressing..!

2.When you're nothing nobody has any concerns for you,you can do the hell you want no one will bother asking about you(He's a loser,let him do what he wants they think)..
Now when you're something everybody is suddenly all concerned for you.Neighbours,relatives,their relatives,watchman,newspaperwala,dudhwala,everybody,just everybody making your life hell leaving you on privacy.

3.When you're nothing your parents say 'No girl is ever going to marry you'.At that point you take is as a offence and you boast yourself saying 'girls would die for me'.You want it very bad.But nobody believes you.
When you're something,suddenly you're the most eligible bachelor in town with everybody trying to find a girl for you.You think 'i'm nothing','A girl will get destroyed if she marries me'.You don't want a bit of it but you've to take it.

4.When you're nothing you can always say 'Don't worry my father will look after it',worrying about nothing.And no matter what you do,your father will look into the case(Ofcourse at the same time he'll tell you everything wrong you've done in your entire life and he'll tell you that you're useless).
When you're something,you're on your own,your father will say,'You're a man now,take care of it,till when will you take your parent's help?'And suddenly you're in this harsh world all on your own,all screwed up.

5.When you're nothing you can act the hell you want.If you're sitting in a cafe,you can make faces,laugh out loud enough to make it hear to the whole world,make fun of everybody sitting around,act like complete spoiled kid.
Now when you're something suddenly you've to enter the world of sophistication.Sit properly,act properly and make your life a complete boredom.

Friends i don't say that we should be nothing all our lives,ofcourse we've to be something,something everybody is proud of but in this process we should not lose the small lil lovely moments of our life which give us the inner peace.And that peace will only come when that kid in us is always alive somewhere.Become something,but don't let that kid die.Live life on your terms.World will be a better place to live in and you'll be a better person too.



  1. haha... very true bro.. :)

    Rightly said.. :)


  2. Thanks arjun and pooja..:-)..

  3. amar!!!
    is this you?? i am kinda used to your awesome poems bout yu n bhabi

    so was suprised ny this post hehe

  4. Yeah..Dude it's me..Thought of writing something different..Don't worry those poems are gonna come very soon..;-)..

  5. Hey Amar,

    Thats quite an observation dude... :)

    Loved this post completely! =D
    When I started working, this is exactly the way I felt... everything changed...the way I dressed, the way I talk... grr...and I felt its so not my types! :P But then, life goes on! :)

    And as you said, the only thing we should do is keep that kid in us alive! :D

  6. Thanks a ton aarthi..Yeah..We should never lose that kid in us..Let's see what i do when i start working..;-)..


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