September 10, 2009

Admin Announcement - Moonlight Contest

Dear Members,

As you all are aware that there is a contest going on at the lounge - The Moonlight Picture Contest!

With numerous posts coming each day, it is quite possible that the other Admin Announcement posts may have gone unnoticed. The lounge is currently open only for the posts that are for the contest. Since we have a lot of new members, we would like to clarify that all of them (including the old members) should refrain from posting any other stuff apart from the stories/poems for this contest. The lounge will be open for every other post from September 12th, 2009.

This is just to ensure that the contributions for this contest don't get lost and people who contribute get maximum support as well as dedicated readership. If anyone does want to notify other lounge members of a new post on their blog, please feel free to use the Shoutbox. We regret the inconvenience caused. We guess it should be a great experience reading different takes on the given picture. We are just facilitating the same and ensuring that your stories get read. A humble request to all talented writers here on writers lounge to try their hand and churn up a story/poem for contest. Writers Lounge Rocks! And you all make it rock! Cheers!

Meanwhile we noticed a few posts which were not for the Moonlight Picture Contest. We have safely moved those posts as drafts. The respective authors are requested to kindly reschedule their posts for Sep 12. Also note that 're-posting' is only allowed on weekends!

P.S.: We will be posting the details of the Readers Choice Awards very soon.

 Till then,

Keep lounging!
The Admin Team

The Writers Lounge 

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