August 21, 2009

WL Cricket Quiz - 2

The cricket Quiz will be posted every Friday and the answers to the quiz must be sent to me via email ( on or before Wednesday. Therefore the last day for this quiz is 26th of August. Please write in the subject cricket quiz.

The answers will be published every Friday with another set of questions along with the winners of previous quiz.

Answers to Cricket Quiz - 1.

1.) Who invented the famous 'Doosra'?
Saqlain Mushtaq of Pakistan

2.) Which Aussie captain said, "If you get Dravid, Great. If you get Sachin, Brilliant. If you get Laxman, it's either a mistake or a miracle." ?
Steve Waugh

3.) Name the only captain to have declared his team's innings when he was batting and not out in the nineties (93*).
[HINT - It happened in the first test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in 1991-1992]
Imran Khan

4.) Which Indian batsman holds the record for most test innings before scoring a double century?
Saurav Ganguly

5.) Who is this former English skipper [In the Picture]?

Nasser Hussain

The winners of the Quiz are,
Deepak Balamurali - Congrats Mate.

This weeks questions are,

1.) How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score in his first two ODI's for India?

2.) Who holds the record for most sixes in test cricket?

3.) Which venue hosted the first International T20 match?
[HINT - The match played was between Australia and New Zealand.]

4.) Which Pakistan legend wrote an autobiography called "All Round View"?

5.) Name this West Indian cricketer [In the Picture],


  1. just one wrong answer and vo bhi mujhe jab maine answer mail kar diye tab yaad aya k vo to sourav ganguly hain jisane kolkata main mara tha double hundred

  2. hey poshin
    is it steve waugh
    becasue as i know ian chappel said it
    can u gave me the link from where u get this

  3. even i have a doubt on that question ....steve waugh or ian

  4. Chirag,

    I got the questions from this triva game called 'ALL ABOUT CRICKET'. I am sure it was Steve.

    I'll search and clear the doubts.

  5. @poshin
    please give the link because iam not sure that it was steve
    it was ian


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