August 15, 2009

Kaminey : Movie Review

Directed By-
Vishal Bharadwaj

Produced By-
Ronnie Screwala

Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Amol Gupte..

The much awaited and the most talked about movie of 2009 releases this week and it quite simply lives up to all the hype that surrounded the movie before its release. Directed By Vishal Bharadwaj, Kaminey makes up for all the lousy movies that released this year and for once you feel, "What- a- movie". Kaminey just goes on to score in every department may it be direction or the Music. Vishal Bharadwaj this time around has written a terrific script, outdoing his previous critically acclaimed Omkara. Kaminey in simple words is a complete package where in every tiny character does its bit to impress you.

Kaminey's main protagonists Charlie and Guddu(Shahid Kapoor) are twins who have quite some amusingly distinguishable characteristics when it comes to their natural way of communication. Charlie, a local thug who lisps and pronounces S as F and Guddu is a small NGO worker who stammers while he talks. Both of whom live on different dreams and values are seen fighting it out in their respective fields. Guddu's life enters a mess when gets his girl friend Sweety(Priyanka Chopra) pregnant and after much persuassion decides to marry her and much to add to his agony finds out that she is the sister of a local gangster-politician Bhope Bhau(Amol Gupte). Charlie on the other hand during one of his criminal prowl gets his hand on a guitar box that contains cocaine worth 10 crore's. From here on is when the lives of Charlie and Guddu intertwine making the plot even more interesting and engrossing. The unusual twists and turns right till the climax is something for you to watch it yourself.

The script of Kaminey is gripping and engaging too. The main thing which will blow your minds with Kaminey is its stunning dialogues that will sound serious and funny at the same time. The highlights of the movie are the actors and the bang on casting. IfShahid Kapoor impresses you with both Charlie and Guddu, Priyanka Chopra marks her presence by her bold-marathi girl's character. And for the people who had just heard of Amol Gupte and not seen him, you can see a top notch performance in his very debut movie playing Bhope Bhau. Kaminey is so skillfully made that even a few slow scenes are covered up by some stunning performances.

The music of Kaminey is Marvellous, may it be Dhan Te Han or the thought provoking song Fatak that has a AIDS awareness theme to it, all of them score full points.

Vishal Bharadwaj's magic is going to work yet again.

I will go with 9 BOP's out 10 for Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey.

And that simply makes it a **Must Watch**.

Reviewed by,
Raghav Ramaiah

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I hope to see it soon.


  1. gonna watch this when it will be available in torrent...

  2. dhan te naaaaa naa nana naaanaaa......Aww, i soo want to watch this movie, and with the review this good, i am totally restless now. hope it hits the theatres in mumbai sooon.

  3. i watched this movie on 15 aug at adlabs indore
    and iam totally agreed with the reviews
    its an superb film
    everything in this film is special
    and i dialogues are excellent
    go and watch


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