August 15, 2009

Independence or interdependence?

Today is exactly one year since the last independence day. but it's pretty much the same (feels like deja vu actually!
i wake up early to realise it's a holiday, squat around the house lazily, reply to all those "happy independence day" messages, switch on the tv and while away the whole day in front of it! "what better way can u celebrate ur freedom?", i ask myself! :)

All the channels telecast special programs- new movies, interviews, dance shows... ( hardly connected to the independence day.. unless u consider Salman khan without his shirt as his decision to be independent) "well, it suits me", i say and continue watching the programs!
But unfortunately for me, i come across a channel where the prime minister is trying to give some sort of a speech and my dad insists on hearing it. so i leave the tv set with daddy n look for something else to do. i try reading the newspaper; but it's the same old stuff again _ ppl celebrating, stories of good old days (or probably bad old British days!, interviews, etc.

So i think, instead of wishing me 'happy independence day', you could wish me 'happy any other day'!
Hey but wait a minute! i cant be such a lame loser. i gotta think of a way to make this day more meaningful. so i sit with pen in hand and think....

India was already independent when i was born. "so i'm totally an independent freak", i think..

And suddenly, the power goes off and my room becomes dark and still.. i start cursing the electricity board by all obscene names i can recollect and grope around the house for a torch light. but since i don't fancy keeping things at it's proper place, i do the usual thing- "mom! can u get me the torch light please?" and i hear the familiar response- " oh, u always keep asking me to get ur things! why cant u be more independent?"

Irritated, i decide to go out for a drive and bring bhel puri! but today being my very lucky day, my scooty does not start. i once again recollect all the obscene words and tell it to the scooty. i call it a pig that has eaten rat droppings. but yet, the scooty wouldn't start. i try to find whats wrong with it for some three minutes. but since my mechanical knowledge is nut sized, i telephone the mechanic and ask him to service it tomorrow.

I go back into the house and stare at my mobile phone which now says - LOW BATTERY, and gets switched off!
by then mom lights a candle and i sit beside it with nothing to do, but a whole lot of things tothink about.

I realize I'm not independent. in fact, nobody is!
I need the electricity board to give me a good night's sleep, i need a mechanic to help me travel, i need my mother to fetch me a simple torch light and i need a mobile phone to lead my whole fast paced life...

So i decide, i'm not an independent individual after all.. ! but somewhere i remember studying something about 'inter-dependency' in my primary school...
then i smile and wish myself a happy interdependence day :)

yeshu :)


  1. ha ha ha....u r taking independence in the wrong sense. Being independence does not mean that u r independent of (scooty , electricity,internet)....but u can cast ur vote according to ur own thinking....

  2. Brilliant piece of work..Hell yeah..Happy interdependence day..:-)

  3. @ asit dhal :

    well . . of course u could put it that way. . but i was just contemplating on how independent each one is, in their everyday life..
    but anyways, i agree on what u said!


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