August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Son

Raising his head high he muttered,
" Happy Birthday son"
The young boy standing near by saw an old man standing on a lonely road,wishing happy birthday.Startled he came closer to him and asked,"
" Whom are you wishing,there's nobody,where is your son old man
".. He smile through his aged eyes ,raising his wrinkled hand he pointed his finger in the opposite direction.Boy dragged his eyes in that direction and far away he saw,the magnificent India gate shimmering flamboyantly amidst azure sky.

**********Happy Independence Day **********


  1. Really nice one..:-)
    Hey it's my b'day too..;-)..

  2. nice write V ...
    Belated b'day wishes Amar...

  3. Very nice old man said to boy it today Happy birthday independent day to all Indian


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