August 10, 2009

The backbone..

Doctors,Engineers,Chartered Accountants make our country.That's all we know.But somehow we forget about the people who are our backbone.This is just a small attempt to make everyone remember that backbone.The people who make this world a better place to live in for all of us..

To the people who make me feel safe..

"The Soldiers"

Sweaty on the head,
With metal in his hands,
All he could see was,
Blood on the sand..

It's was so long,
Since he was there,
He killed enemies,
Without any fear..

A land with scorpions,
Was now his home,
He was still fighting,
And he was not alone..

He shot bullets,
He went out of his mind,
As he missed his wife,
And his innocent child..

He missed his family,
He missed everyone,
He missed all the love,
He missed the fun..

Still he had no grudges,
Had nothin to complain,
He had all the peace,
He forgot the pain..

For he always knew,
He was serving his motherland,
Making the nation safe,
He was the helping hand..!!


  1. hats of 2u 4 such a topical write dude..something diffrent frm u ;)

    *applause* 4 d awakening..

  2. hats of to u for this dedication...!!

    To the people who make me feel safe.

    so true...

    Thanks for posting this bro.... Hope ppl dont take 'THEM' for granted ... :)


  3. @the bard..I know dude..I guess this was least expected from me..:-)..Thanks..:-)

  4. @Arjun..I really hope this helps everybody realise what i'm trying to convey..:-)..Thanks bro..:-)..

  5. nice dedication bro...
    they deserve this.. n more... the people who make us live safe...


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