July 3, 2009

Watching you sleep. .

To the love of my life. .

A n a N y a

I woke up and I saw you besides me,
Your innocence and beauty I could only see..

Your head on my chest, your face wore a smile,
Your hands so soft, your fingers so beautifully fragile..

I could see your eye balls moving soft and real slow,
You were dreaming about us, your face showed the glow..

I wish i could see what you were dreaming about,
I went crazy watching you, I wanted to shout..

I wanted to tell the whole world about you,
"See i've got the love which is owned only by a few"..

Then i thought i better not shout,i better let you sleep,
I wanted to see you sleeping like a child, your beauty i wanted to keep..

Lost in my own thoughts i just wished to God,
"I wanna be with her all my life,Oh Lord.."

Sweetheart, whenever I wake up I wanna see you there,
I promise i'll fill your life with utmost love and care..

Be with me always. . .


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