July 26, 2009

Quo Vadis, Homo Sapiens?

An old post revisited :)

I have been much occupied with reading a few old Tamil classics over the last few days and it has transported me back to the way of life back in 900AD circa.
The lifestyles were plenty back then; from the life of a dedicated gardener whose life would be spent in the gardens supplying flowers every day for the temple nearby to the life of a hardened soldier who had endure various troubles to uphold his honour and allegiance to his king.
The choices for these men were made during their birth and work flowed from one generation to another. Yet some men braved the society and broke free to choose their own destiny. Many had failed while some succeeded to reach great heights.
Upon reading such tales of success and grandeur, it was hard to note the role played by religion and violence. Wars and Rituals ruled and affected the life of everyone in a country let alone the tactical conspiracies that our ancestors were so famous for.
It makes more sense to see the world as it is now filled with conflicts and war. We have evolved in many ways yet chose to retain many of our old ways. Somewhere along that road of evolution, we had lost the true meaning of life; life, as the early societies of humans would have lived where they had come together for communal harmony and development; more so for survival.
I can’t help but think that - "Life can be loved and lived in a simple way if only we all want a life that is unlike what this society has deemed it to be".
Quo Vadis, Homo Sapiens? Why don't we yearn anymore for Peace and Happiness for all the living beings around us?


  1. first post of the day i read .. and i cant ask for a better food for thought .. its really true that we have retained a hell lot of complications in our lives coz of society ! Loved the last quote 1 thanks for sharing this Arv :)

  2. hmmm.... nice write arv...
    The same thought has crossed my mind a lot of times...
    "Somewhere along that road of evolution, we had lost the true meaning of life;"
    yup.. 100 % true...


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