July 4, 2009

New York

Directed By-
Kabir Khan

Produced By-
Yash Raj Films

John Abraham,Katrina Kaif,Neil Nitin Mukesh..

The most awaited release from the Yash Raj Banner this year, New York is good yet not convincing. Directed by Kabir Khan, New York is definitely a worth watch. After Kabul Express's disastrous performance at the box office, Kabir Khan had to bounce back with something really impactful and is successful up to an extent. Having actors with mediocre acting abilities, Kabir Khan has managed to pull off a pretty good movie and again with a script that seems quite close to reality.

New York, a movie that revolves around 3 friends,Omar(Neil Nitin Mukesh),Sam(John Abraham) and Maya(Katrina Kaif) in the city of New York and their life post 9/11. The movie starts off with Omar being interrogated by Roshan(Irfan Khan) an agent with the FBI relating to Sam being involved in terrorist activities in the US. Omar is convinced rather threatened to enter Sam's life and dish out information about Sam's other suspect activities. The events that follow Omar entering Sam's Life is for you to watch it yourself.

New York, is very much engaging though predictable in most of the instances. Prominently visible are the glitches in the script. However, even with such glitches Kabir Khan executes it pretty well. The actors are just above average, except for Irfan Khan who looks as stunning as always with his performance. .

The Music by Pritam is the only thing that impresses you right away. Especially "Junoon" and "Tum Ne Jo Na Kaha". Looks like Pritam is back to his glory days with this one.

I will go with 7 out of 10 for Kabir Khan's New York.


  1. I really loved the movie.. Not even a scene was boring.. Awww.. John was hot and Katrina was choo cute!!

    Nice review!


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