July 22, 2009

Mumbai Times Exclusive Interview with Sandeep Balan

# Mumbai Times contacted Sandeep Balan for a tete-a-tete seesion. They wanted to interview him and share some insights on what went behind the creation of this masterpiece and his thoughts on his fellow bloggers. Little did they know of what lay ahead ;-P. Read on!!

Reporter: Hi Sir. This is Sachin from Mumbai Times.
Sandeep: Hello Sachin. Call me Sandy or Balu.
Reporter: Sandeep! Everything fine
Sandeep: I am not able to give time for my baby.

Reporter: Congragulations sir .How is your baby?
Sandeep: Do I look that old. Man ,I 'm just 26 and a smart bachelor ..

Reporter: Oh! sorry sir.Tell me more about your fellow loungers
Sandeep: You must be knowing Aarthi naa ..

Reporter: Oh yeah the girl who married Virendra Sehwag.
Sandeep: Damn! Artz ki shaadi Virendra Sehwag se hui hai ...i didn't knew it..Aarthi ki bachhi you used call me big brother naa..... ..

Reporter: Tell me about some other member,yeah Arjun.
Sandeep: Arjun is a comedian in our league.

Reporter: Arjun Rampal is a hero naa...
Sandeep: Reporter ke bachhe.I'm talking about Arjun ,the blogger.

*Sandeep tries to play a prank on the reporter*
Sandeep: you must be knowing Pratibha
Reporter: Yes She is the first lady of our country.

Sandeep: Abhey Pratibha Patil nahi Pratibha sofat
Reporter: Sorry sir,now I get it.She writes good poems naaa..

Reporter: Tell me more about your brother and co founder Ste .
Sandeep: Ste is a genius and I admire him since my childhood.I actually adore his humbleness and modesty.He recently came to India and met me in my office.

Reporter: Excuse me! Ste is an Indian and he lives in India.
Sandeep: Oh aren't you talking of Ste aka Steve Waugh.You see I address Steve Waugh as Ste.He came to my office recently . ...wonderful person he is.

Reporter: Thank you sir,I need to leave.Ste was one such guy and now you are double of him.... you braggers.
Sandeep: Hey!don't you want to know about my girlfriend

Reporter: Now who is that poor soul.
Sandeep: Its Emma!! she is the one whom I love

Reporter: The same Emma who sells flowers and candles outside Mahim Church naa....
Sandeep: No stupid!Its Emma Watson,my girlfriend

*The Reporter packs his bags and runs away*


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  2. Cool comedy !!

    You are cool with humour :)

    And, ahem, did I read smart bachelor?

    Lol !!

    J/K .

    Keep smiling.

    Cool post :)

  3. oh yeah...ilashree...

    :p i wrote this one....;)

  4. lolz nice and refreshing ! good one ste !

  5. ha ha ha....nice....poor ste :P

    Y didnt u post a link of ur interview i wrote on 17th july?? ;P

  6. well..ths is an exclusive interview ..... there shdnt be link to ste's interview coz then the fun will disappear:P

  7. Lolz...

    Sabse pehle main! :P

    Good one Ste... was very refreshing!

  8. haha... tit for tat uh?? ;) ;)

    missed such things all these days..

    go on.. go on..


  9. tried hard to make it funny but tbvh it dint make me laugh.. But i managed to smile.. No offense!! Good post btw..

  10. That was insane and very entertaining! Sandeep, have you received the DVD?

  11. good tat d reporter "kaltid" ;)..else god save him frm tis maddness ;)


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