July 16, 2009

Lets be happy

Lets be happy
happy for all
all who write
write their hearts
hearts that beat
beat to feelings
feelings of love
love for special ones
ones that make you smile
smile among the tears
tears to be wiped
wiped out with care
cares that will remain
remain long after
after this celebration is gone !!

Happy B'day lounge !!!


  1. BRILL !!
    Pretty its damn awesome..
    I really dunno how u write such loops at such ease!

  2. Brilliant Prats.....
    Sooooo good to have u back.....
    The Queen of poetry is back with a bang......

  3. ......very nice one.......!!!.
    ...Welcome back dear....

  4. glad to see my favorite louger also watching us over in this celebration!!

  5. I love this type of poetry... I will try scribbling one down :)I love this one!

  6. Am glad i wrote this .. after weeks, some poetry flowed so effortlessly from my mind ... thanks a lot for the read and comments !

  7. i love maple loops...
    i love pretty's poem loops more..


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