July 13, 2009

..knots of vows..

"Stop running beta...stop or you will fall.."
She stepped over her slippers and fall on the ground,hurt her immature legs, felt a pint of pain,cried loudly.Her mother ran towards her,hold her in arms,cuddled her tiny hands,kissed her cheeks,dried her tears.
Far away from window, as Anna was gazing all this,her mind wandered back to her childhood, and as it came back touching those flashes of memories,her eyes dropped a tiny tear .She opened her palm,hold that on her hand.As light fall from the window on that tear,it reflected the beautiful design of henna on her hand.She turned to look into the mirror at the alluring bride in vermilion attire.Her forehead scintillating with golden bindi, hairs parted apart with a pinch of red kumkum,eyes shaded with dreams of future,lips muted with pain of separation.Her heart skipping furiously with a fear of loosing and joy of achieving at the same moment. Time ran so fast, she never realized until she tied knots of vows and moved seven times around a flame of sacred fire.She opened her wardrobe,took out a sliver box,kept that on the side of bed,sat down on the floor near the bed and opened that box,took out her doll dressed as she did now,with red lehanga and chuni,hairs knotted with red tiny ribbons. She slowly touched her tiny clothes,her hands,her hairs.Some voices from past whispered in her ears.
"mom,see my doll is getting married..I have dressed her as a bride..."
"..wow beta your doll is looking gorgeous..but when she will get married she will leave you.."
"..why mom,she is just getting married.."

"..ya beta when a girl get married she leaves her home and move ahead with her groom as you will leave me when you will grow up.."
"..no mom no I won't leave you ever.I won't get married if I have to leave you.."
Her heart ached at those whispering words of past.Her eyes drenched with tears.
A hand on her shoulder obstructed her streams of thoughts.She turned her head,amidst the mist of tears she saw those wrinkled eyes with droplets of tears,touched those weak hands which has so many times holded her when she was about to fall.That touch freeze her heart,she broke her whirlpool of emotions,wrapped her hands tightly across her,yelled endlessly,"..I don't wanna leave you mom..I don't want..".Her mother caressed her head softly ,lifted her face in hands,rubbed her tears,erased the dash of kajal under her eyes with the corner of her Saree.
"It time for vidaai beta...it time for my doll to leave her mother.. ", her mother said in a heavy voice.Picked her from the floor,adjusted her Saree on her head,holded her hand and took her outside.Every single eyes she looked at, was full of tears,her heart pain a lot at that every single look.She wanted to run backwards,wanted to scream,"Don't take me please...".
At last, came the moment she has been scared of,right from the day these ceremonies began.She stood a step away from the car adorned with colorful flower.Her feet failed to move ahead.Her brother came forward holded her,opened the door of car.She turned her head back,passed an eye on her surroundings ,her beautiful home,her careless childhood, her treasure of moments,her peck of unending relations.She was leaving behind ,everything that was her,and right from the moment she will step inside that car,everything will be lost for ever.Her heart was throbbing very fast scared of unknown world waiting ahead, voice stammering,tears rolling down,like a innocent child she was crying endlessly.She opened her arms for her mother to hold her for the last time.Her mother ran towards her,kissed her cheeks ,touch her tears,hold her hand and made her sit inside the car.Door closed,she turned her head backwards.Everything started moving backward slowly.She touched glass window,behind that mist of tears she could just see blurred images of her family.All alone she was left now,she stared as far as her eyes could take her.

Suddenly she felt someone holded her hand.She turned her moist eyes,he sat there smiling,holding her hand.With the dazzling smile on his face,he uttered"Don't worry sweetheart,I am there to hold you now..".He raised his hand to dry her tears from her cheeks and kissed her forehead and holded her in his arms.She closed her eyes and relaxed her soul in his arms,smile waved her lips and heart relaxed at the new treasure which she has found.Resting her head on his chest,all the way she dreamt of her new journey into the future which was about to start...

P.s.I tried to capture the most difficult moment in girl's life,and what ease this moment is a soft hand of understanding,love & care from the other side.


  1. Its nice Vidisha, just certain grammatical errors.

    But I guess that's the rule of life with girls in most parts of the world.

    There's a place in Mizoram , where its exactly the opposite. The girls take dowry and their husbands move in with them.

    But somehow, I want to get married real soon.

    <. BLUSHES .>

  2. lols...^^ yu invite me ilashree n ur wedding...

    @ vids
    ahem ahem...dreams of wedding bliss eh? nice post btw

  3. he he he Ilasree u hav a strange tradition over ter......

    @Vidisha, Good one yaar.....

  4. Nice write Vidisha... cute ending..

    wrote this after i read the ending...

    A tender heart gets a cradle...
    Love of her life
    Blooms from the crimson
    Yet, the cradle never stops swinging.

  5. Beautiful, sweet and heartfelt! I loved it Vidisha! :)

  6. @ dr.kumar
    its true....in meghalaya, nagaland and mizoram its mainly the gal hu is the head of the family...after marriage the guy has to stay at his wife's place

  7. @Ilashree...thnks..!!..tht nice thn I wud prfr to be married in Mizoram..:)

  8. @FL...hmmm thnks ...n I think wedding bells hv strtd ringing for Ilashree..:)

  9. @Raj...thnks ...!!!...tht gud for u tht dis strng trditn is in few states only otherwise u wud hv written dis post...;);)

  10. @Arun....wow..thts was really nice..!!!..thnks a lot..

  11. very beautiful post .. the pic was so much captivating fr me !!


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